Sunday, August 14, 2011

So ... Who Are You?

Perhaps one of the most life-altering truths we can claim is who we really are. Not who other people say we are.  Not who the old tapes running through our minds say we are.  Not who our culture says we are. 

Who God says we are.  What He thinks about us.  Who He says we are to Him. 

Knowing His heart for us will change our perspective, our identity, our self-worth, our purpose.  It will equip us to forgive, enable our painful experiences to be redeemed, and give us hope for the future.

So let's say good-bye to negative thought patterns, martyrdom, poor self-esteem, victimhood, pity parties, loser mentalities. Let's stop looking for the people around us to somehow provide what we're longing for.

You'll never find it there.

Let's embrace who we are in Jesus Christ.  And model something peaceful and holy for those little people in our world who are watching us intently.  

The Lover of your soul will unveil the loveliness of who you are to Him as you begin to savor His love letter to you.


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