Tuesday, October 8, 2013

People 101 : : Day 8 : : Christmas Child

Ready for Operation Christmas Child?  You might have picked up a few school supplies, a couple pairs of socks, a little car or two, a sweet dolly.  But I bet you never even dreamed of some of these 101 IDEAS TO PACK IN A SHOEBOX
How 'bout . . .
  • hammer, nails, screwdriver for the bigger guys {in original packaging}
  • pom poms {like you see at football games}, clip-on earrings, sewing kit, small pots & pans {for the big girls}
  • water shoes, flip flops, small dry erase board w/markers, plastic poncho in packet, flash cards, colorful bandages, duct tape {think neon colors!}
Let's go out-of-the-box as we pack the boxes this year!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~
The Multiple Book Giveaways!
Each comment you leave this month puts you in the running for one of the books we'll be sharing with our readers on October 31st {9pm eastern, US and Canada only.}  We'll post the list of winners at that time and then it will be 'first come, first choice' for these readers to claim their prizes!  Limit 1 comment/day, please!


  1. These are great ideas....I picked up four boxes for my grandchildren to fill this past Sunday. It's always a fun thing to do with the kids and to remind them to share with kids less fortunate....

    1. Yep ... OCC really brings young and old{er!}, churches, schools, organizations - ALL of us together! I just love this opportunity! It takes so little to bring such joy.

      Thanks for dropping in this evening, Nancy ... loved having you here!


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