Friday, January 18, 2013

The Wedding Ring

Cherished.  I know.  I am.

Even when I am out of sorts, or more than a little unpleasant.

Cherished when I rise early and look something less than human.  Or at the end of a very long and difficult day when there are no words to say. 

Cherished by the one who, after more than 30 years of not wearing his wedding ring because it was dangerous to wear while repairing computers, decided that it was time to have me place it on his left hand once again. 

It was nestled way at the bottom of my red felt stocking, opened on Christmas Eve, in full view of our children.  That big ring.  Resized and reclaimed.  Slipped back on to that finger.  A wordless renewed promise of our future together.

And I never doubted that love, that commitment for a single moment along the way.

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  1. what a neat testimony of refreshed covenant....thanks for sharing. :)

  2. 'A refreshed covenant' ... I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you for adding those sweet words to my 300 seconds ...

  3. Aaawwwwwwwww! So sweet. You have a great guy.

  4. And that he IS!

    Thanks, Jessica ...

  5. awe, I love this!! I wish I could have seen the look on your children's faces when they saw you pull it out and put it back on the finger it belonged to. What a precious memory for them too.

  6. My husband was just reading your comments, but I scooted him away before he could throw his 2 cents into the discussion!

    Thanks, Alecia ... I think the girls were surprised, too!

  7. cherished comes in so many different forms, eh? love how you read his heart for you through his actions.
    beautiful, linda.

  8. Isn't it amazing how much a ring can mean to us? My husband occasionally forgets to put his back on after his shower, and I always feel a bit discouraged knowing he's not wearing that symbol of love and commitment for that day. I'm so glad your husband can safely resume wearing his. And thanks so much for linking up with me today, Linda. Your friendship and support means a lot!

  9. Kelli, I knew the love, the commitment, the faithfulness was oh so alive and very active ... But every time I glance at the band around his finger now, I smile!

  10. Beth - sure, in those first years it would bother me when I took the time to think about it. But after awhile it simply didn't matter any more because the love was so strong and solid and steady ...


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