Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Girl Alone

There have always been little girls who were last to be asked to join in the fun.  Awkwardly standing on the sidelines, alone, waiting, longing to be included in the festivities that were before them.  The lone one standing when choosing sides for softball.  The one whose mailbox remained empty when party invitations went out. 

Painfully, silently waiting to be invited, included.  Yearning to belong.  And never quite getting there.

Deep inside, we're all about 10 years old.  Truth be told, most of us still never quite feel like we belong.  We wait, isolated, hoping that someone, anyone, will reach out, to ask us to join their group, to come for tea, to celebrate at a gathering, to be a friend.  And we remain disappointed when the invitations don't arrive.

And maybe that's just the time for us to open the eyes of our souls.  And realize that there are other little girls in grown-up bodies who feel just like we do.  They are all around us ... and they are waiting to be invited, welcomed, included.

And out of your pain-fueled compassion, when all is said and done, YOU just might be the one to extend the invitation to others that you never received yourself.

Five Minute Friday 
* photo by Tahimy Santana


  1. Oh what memories this brings back, "The lone one standing when choosing sides for softball. The one whose mailbox remained empty when party invitations went out."

    Thank you so much for sharing these deep feelings. They pulled at my heart because I, too, have experienced them. What a blessing to find a kindred spirit.

  2. So beautiful, so true, so painful on some levels. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Maybe I wasn't the only one to be chosen last in gym!

    It's all bittersweet, isn't it ... and yet God specializes in redeeming our hurt.

    But I'm still no athlete!

  4. I do not remember not being chosen but this touched me in the area of not fitting into the mold.....the way others perceive things to be

    It does touch a spot inside of us all....maybe cause this is not IT or the final destination.....there is more to come

  5. Yes, Carol! When all is said and done, it's not about this life, but the one He is preparing for us in that heavenly home!


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