Friday, June 22, 2012

300 Seconds of Faith

Sweet Lisa-Jo calls the shots on Friday mornings.  Perfectionists need not respond.  All us hardy souls know we have only 300 seconds to let our fingers fly across our keyboards.  I'm ready to roll again this week.  And we're zeroing in on the word RISK ...

=     =     =  

I guess we take a risk whenever we try to write something in 300 seconds.  Words worth reading.  Especially when they're not going to be edited and reconfigured and beat to death with our red pens.  For those of us who labor for hours over a post, this whole Friday morning thing is stepping out on a limb.

Maybe a better way to say it is stepping out on faith.

But we do that every day, don't we.  Every breath we breathe, every step we take is all about faith.

'The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.'

And maybe we need to really get it.  That living our lives well is all about looking through the lenses of dependence on our Creator.  With gratefulness.  A humble spirit.

Because only He knows who we'd become without that deep growing trust defining our ...

=     =     =

The 300 seconds are up.  And oh-so-early in the morning, so am I!  May we all live by faith today ...
Five Minute Friday
- #300 by Leo Reynolds -


  1. "But we do that every day, don't we. Every breath we breathe, every step we take is all about faith."
    I whole-heartedly agree! Thanks for taking the risk and sharing your words!

  2. I think it's good for our souls to be able to do things without redoing them - also like life, I guess. I like the humility and risk that comes from doing something like Five Minute Friday. Celebrating with you as you take that risk.

  3. Writing anything that would have any shred of meaning at o'dark:thirty in the morning is taking a big risk, isn't it!

    Thanks for kicking off the day, ladies! Got the coffee brewing?

  4. Your words are so true. To work on a post for hours and to produce something so wonderful in 300 seconds. I look forward to another installment.

  5. It sure is a bit of a stretch and definitely a refreshing challenge to speak from the heart, to offer maybe a touch of wisdom, and wrap it all up in a few hundred seconds!

    Welcome, Dana!

  6. Oh, yes. Let's live it loud in faith today!!!

    300 seconds of this...time well spent.

  7. 'Live it loud in faith' ... I love that!

    Thanks, Nikki!

  8. Amen. That's a great prayer to start my day with. Thank you.

  9. "Words worth reading. Especially when they're not going to be edited and reconfigured and beat to death with our red pens." - oh I love that. Powerful description of how we edited ourselves to death. Thank you for linking up!


  10. It's a nice break to put that red pen down for the day!

    Thanks for dropping by, Lisa-Jo!


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