Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hammock

"Maybe it's time to put up the hammock," he mused as we finished off a quiet lunch on the back porch recently.  The sun was shining softly, a few gentle winds blew by, and the birds were having a field day at the feeders.  And I know that our much-loved hammock's his favorite place to land after an afternoon of yard work or a fast-paced two mile walk.

That's a sure sign of spring around here.  The man has undraped the netting that protected the holly and rhododendron from becoming some lonely deer's main course during the winter months.  He's spruced up the wood pile and discarded all the sticks and debris that collected on the lawn during the windy days.  The snow blower's now under wraps, and the lawn tractor's ready to roll.

 And I've even done a bit of gardening. 

The flip flops have emerged from hiding ... and the windows are open wide ... and and we've visited DQ more than once ... and I have fewer excuses why I'm not out walking each day ... and a few plants have made their way outdoors ... and we're eating supper and playing Scrabble outside on our beloved porch.

And it looks like we're not the only ones welcoming spring with open arms.  You KNOW that it's long past time to climb out of the rut that often comes with winter.  So I invite you to check out these 15 Ways to Have the Best Spring Yet!

I'm resonating with:

 #6  Get out and go local

 #9  Walk in the woods

#10  Plan a surprise picnic

#14  Throw a potluck brunch

And, naturally, #16.  'Cause in the end, it's all about the hammock.


  1. I love this...my grandpa, Poppy, had a hammock that I would sit in with him. AND YAY for flip flops.

    Resonating with long walks in spring...we just got in from a sunset stroll at Locust Grove.

    Thanks for sharing happy words...

  2. And what's more serendipitous than a potluck brunch on the weekend? I loved relaxing with my brothers and sisters over a leisurely Easter brunch after the sunrise service ...

    Thanks for YOUR happy words, Sheila!

  3. A hammock, indoor or outdoor, can make you forget your stress, frustration and relax for some time. In addition, there are several health benefits of resting in a hammock. It improves metabolism, the immune system, and provides good memory. Thanks a lot.

  4. Provides good memory? Hey, Tim ... you hear that?


    Thanks, Mayan!


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