Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Servant Power"

Ministry leader. 

When you read those two words, what's the first thing that pops into your mind?

'Giving, serving, welcoming, forgiving'?


'getting, grabbing, keeping, snatching, controlling, and retaliating.' 

Truth be told, examples of both will most likely come to our minds.  And leave us either smiling with gratitude and praise, or shaking our heads with disillusioned, broken hearts.

To gain a right perspective, we'd do well to take our eyes off each other, and turn them to our Shepherd Savior who modeled loving, effective, servant power.

Ministry leader Diana Bennett writes, "Jesus was a leader who prepared His small discipleship group to be leaders.  Leadership is the art of influence, of taking the initiative, of modeling to others a Spirit filled life worthy of God's calling.  The training of the 12 was an ongoing process, for Jesus' leadership had to be experienced as well as taught.

Jesus' style of leadership was contrary to every cultural form of 'getting, grabbing, keeping, snatching, controlling, and retaliating.'  His leadership style was modeling 'giving, serving, welcoming, forgiving.'  He led effectively, He shared Himself, He spent many hours in prayer, and He encouraged His disciples in the joys and difficulties of leadership.  To follow the model of Jesus is to be a servant of all, to give himself away, to walk the way of the cross.

What does a leader look like?

>  Able to influence others in a positive way

>  Continues to grow in spiritual maturity

>  Desires God's will

>  Willing to let God have control

>  Is humble and vulnerable

>  Willing to use their gifts to help others

>  Aware of their own strengths and weaknesses

>  Nurtures others

>  Sensitive listener

>  Able to devote time and energy to the task of leading a group

>  A servant heart

When Jesus said, 'follow Me,' He called His group into servant power: facing up to failure, dealing with competitiveness, avoiding the divisive spirit, denouncing racial prejudice, and following with a whole heart."

"Be imitators of God ... and live a life of love" {Ephesians 5:1-2} ~

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