Monday, July 25, 2011

Filling Yet Another Journal

Some reflections this morning ...

"We're getting to the end of another journal. And these large, lined, spiral-bound ones are my favorites.  And there are more to come and more to fill.  Life goes on.  And this is a discipline that lets me review and process and learn and release all that enters my life. Thank You, God, for being a part of every line, every page.  You are the One who walks with me as I sort through events and feelings and thoughts.  You're the One who has given me comfort and perspective and a sharp kick when I've needed it.  You've collected my tears and have shared my smiles as I've written line after line.

You've integrated Your Word into my daily journey.  You've given me Scripture and You've given me songs in the night.  You've given me hope when all was hopeless, and wisdom and grace when I've had none.  You've allowed me to understand what forgiveness and peace look like.

And during these hours, You've reminded me through Your Word that You will never leave me, never forsake me.  You are my rock, my fortress, my calm in the storm.  You are the forgiver of sins and the giver of wisdom and strength.

And You have been safe for me.  You give me full permission to be authentic and real and transparent in our times together.  I feel accepted and loved and cherished.  I feel validated and affirmed in who I am in Jesus Christ.  You have convicted me, but not condemned me.  Firmly, but gently, You've pointed out my disobedience.  And graciously have granted forgiveness.

You've refreshed my soul and clarified my perspective.  Given me hope and joy and strength for the day.  You've stretched and molded, shaped and grown me, slowly but surely.

And I am forever grateful for Your never ending love and Jesus' sacrifice that made it all possible."


 - collage by Veri's kleiner Winkel -


  1. I appreciate that you taught me the art of journaling, Linda! It helps me to put the focus on Him. I like the spiral-bound books also. :)

  2. Looking back, I think the discipline of journaling has been just about one of the most important things that has propelled me forward in my spiritual journey ... especially during the crisis times, the dry seasons, the lonely patches.

    Thanks, Barb ... it means alot that you'd share this!


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