Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He Keeps the Night Watch

Where do you go when things overwhelm you?  What do you do when a threatening journey lies ahead of you?  How do you handle problems and difficulties?

Psalm 121 is a great instructor and encourager.  "I will look up to the mountains- does my help come from there?" asks the Psalmist.  On the tops of the mountains were various shrines and idols that were supposed to assist and comfort weary travelers.  The Psalmist concludes that real help does not come from superstitions, doing good things, or even doing spiritual things.  Our help comes from the Lord! (vs.2).  He is our Source of strength.

Verse 3 of this Psalm asks if God sleeps or if He stumbles and falls.  The resounding answer in Verse 4 is that "He who watches ( puts a hedge about) Israel never slumbers or sleeps."  Think of it - even in the nights when you feel that you have to stay up and worry about problems, God tells you to rest because He is the One who is on guard both night and day - He has our back and is totally alert to us all the time - 24/7.

He will do practical things for you - He won't let the sun give you sunstroke (drain or exhaust you in the daytime) or let the moon (fear, loneliness) ovehwhelm you at night - verse 6.

Other quick fixes for problems may look good for the moment, but the real fix is to 1.) Look away from ourselves and to God for our help; 2.) Ask for His insight and answers that He has already placed in the Bible; 3.) Throw your problems completely on Him and expect an answer to come from His heart.

So glad that He has the night watch  ~   Bob

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