Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All That I Am ... & All That I'm Not

... reflections from yesterday's journaling ...

Lord, I come with all that I am and all that I'm not.  And I know it pleases You when I settle in for this time together. And my soul is fed, and those empty places are filled.  I am recharged and renewed.  All gets put on the table where Your Spirit helps me sort through all that is my life and helps me discern and learn and be convicted and comforted and directed.

These are the times when I cling to the Rock that is Jesus.  And my anchor takes hold firmly once again.  This is when I am reminded once again of who You really are and what You require of me.

Thank You for calling me to Your holy, peaceful presence.  Thank You for the power of Your Word to address exactly where I am, to give me exactly what my soul is craving, to bring me back to right relationship with You.

Thank You for meeting me here, just as I am, and taking me by the hand and bringing me a few steps closer to who You are.

I am grateful that You are my Father, and that I am Your chosen child.  Hold me, comfort me, fill me, teach me, admonish me, control me, live through me, I pray.



  1. Linda...you have such a great way of expressing yourself in the words you write. Thank you!


  2. Thank you for the scriptures and music videos that we have been enjoying on-line. It has helped me emotionally at trying times.

    (sent via email)


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