Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent Wrestlings ...

Some recent wrestlings from my journal earlier this week ...

"The impossible has happened. I don't know how we can bear this. I don't know how many more tears I can cry. I don't know how I can stay strong for everyone around me.

But You know, Lord. And so I will trust You with my family. With every detail. With every tear. With every decision.

You promise strength for the weary. I claim that now. You say any strength I have must come from You. I know that is true.

So I give my precious Lyds back to You. She was given to You long ago, and so often since. She is Your precious daughter. And if it is possible, You love her even more than we do. Pull Your hand-picked team around us. You know who each of us needs. Help us to handle this well, even through our tears.

You are able to bring healing. Your grace is enough.

I feel Your peace. I know that people are praying.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for giving us permission to be vulnerable through your transparency. You are teaching all of us lessons as you navigate this storm with Jesus at the helm. Thank you for allowing your world-wide family of fellow believers to support, pray for, and encourage you. We are encouraged as you walk through this storm and allow us to accompany you on the journey. You are not alone; we bear your burden with you.


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