Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been unplugged this past week, down in Florida with a dear friend and her family. Lots of rest and walking. Delicious food. Some fun adventures. Hours of easy reading ... and heavy-duty journaling. Stimulating conversations. And a day at the ocean ... complete with a white sandy beach, swimming pelicans, and a shore laden with beautiful sea shells.
I'm recalibrated and refreshed after grabbing a few glimpses of warm sunshine here and there, and am ready to roll again. Being unplugged was a very good thing for me.
Here's a bit of what we'll be looking at in future posts -

the "perfect" parent fantasy
finances & medical crisis
the impact of caregiving on families
coping with a loved one's depression
the Church's fascination with numbers
Delighted to reconnect with you again ~

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