Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Consistent Ebb & Flow

"Jesus balanced work and withdrawal, solitude and service, engagement and disengagement. Part of the secret to His focus, His power, and His wisdom comes from that intense time with His Father. And if He needed that time away, alone with God, how much more do we?"

Jesus was actively engaged in the lives of people. Sharing their tables. Teaching and preaching. Asking the deepest of questions. Healing bodies wracked with illness. Touching sin-sick souls.

And then there was the endless traveling over dusty roads and stormy waters. And ongoing confrontation of Satan and evil spirits.

The needy crowds touched the hem of His garment, physically, emotionally, spiritually. And He became weary. Exhausted. Spent.

After all, He was human. God in the flesh.

He replenished body and soul by heading off to solitary places {Luke 4:42}. He often withdrew from the demands of life and ministry to search out lonely places to pray {5:16}. He pulled all-nighters, spending extended time on mountainsides, communing with His Father {6:12, 21:37}.

A consistent ebb and flow of focused, intense service
and deep, replenishing spiritual rest with His Father.

Would He require anything less of us?


1. What's this mean for me today?

2. What do I need to give up to go there?

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place
and get some rest"
- Mark 6:31.

Saying yes ~

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