Friday, November 27, 2009

Pockets of Delight

Some snippets from recent journaling ...

Underneath all the busyness and craziness, a deep sense of peace and gratitude is present for the blessings that have come my way in recent months. My growing family, my marriage, my work, my health (with its glitches), my friends, my home, my past, my future. I hold all these gifts with reverence and joy, thankfulness and peace. I choose to reflect on them when tired or discouraged, apprehensive or fearful. As the old hymn instructs, I count them, I name them one by one, and I thank God for all He has done.

The gratitude runs deep and wide. Miracles, pockets of delight, joys that were so unexpected, answers to prayer ... intermingled with deep disappointments, ongoing frustrations, and moments of searing heartache. Writing it all down allows me to sort through things, to learn lessons I need to learn. I am learning to contemplate what is true about me and about You, oh God. To explore the impact of these truths. To acknowledge and accept and embrace what You are teaching me. And from all these learnings, freedom and joy and peace spring forth.

You bring truth to my life. You seal it in my heart. You allow me to reflect on all the gifts, great and small, that You have lavished on me. Some make me smile. Others cause me to shed some tears. But they are all deeply-valued gifts, given to me by the One who loves me.

You fill my heart and my hands, my hours and my days. And I offer all back up to You. All that You have blessed me with. It is all Yours to own, to control.

And I like it that way. You have taught me to loosen my grip on all that I consider valuable. And so I choose to present these priceless treasures back to You.

They're all Yours anyway, aren't they, Lord ...

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