Saturday, November 14, 2009

November's Homekeeping Secret - Simplify & Plan


As we begin to anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's time to begin to create a warm and welcoming haven for family and friends. The key? Simplify and plan now so you can enjoy the festivities to come!

Let's focus on the family room, where much of the holiday action will take place. Clean out toy box and shelves. Ferret out and toss broken toys. Donate ones in excellent condition. Only keep what your kids love and use!

Pack up and recycle old newspapers and magazines. If you haven't looked through them by now, they probably won't get read at all.

To prepare for holiday decorating, store all accumulations, collections, and knick-knacks. Toss all tired, unused, homeless odds and ends that have lost their purpose.
Wash windows & curtains.

Dust furniture.
Vacuum upholstered furniture & carpets.

Pull out the extra pillows, throws, candles that you love.
Light the fire. Put your feet up with a cup of mulled cider. Grab a pen and notebook and let the holiday planning begin ... and be sure to take full advantage of this handy
printable Holiday Menu Planner!

Anticipating ~

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