Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's All About Me

" ... I remain unconvinced that the right question is, 'What's the most important thing you want from your church?' This emphasis on an individual's expectations and preferences reveals a core problem in American Christianity - the unchallenged assumption that people can accurately evaluate their church based on whether or not it meets your needs. How does this prevailing attitude alter the biblical purpose of the Church in the world? We are a culture of Christ-followers who pay far too much attention to whether or not our needs are being satisfied. And we have become a culture of church leaders who spend far too much time orienting our ministries around the ever-changing preferences of our people ...

As we mature in Christ, might the goal be to develop a gut-level instinct to give less attention to what we aren't getting from our church? Perhaps a step on the way to growing more Christ-centered is to accept our dissatisfactions instead of assuming they have to be resolved. Churches that spend too much time alleviating their people's dissatisfations may be nurturing a self-absorbed attitude of the heart that needs to be nailed to the cross." - Leuken

Is it all about you? Or is it all about Him?

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