Monday, July 6, 2015

Moving On

The cozy much-loved, much-lived-in home is morphing back into a house.

Pure and simple.

Remember the video?

Well, just about everything is packed up and most closets are empty or just about.  The stacks of boxes grow by the day.  And what's laying around is only perched there out of sheer necessity.

On the second day the house was on the market, our one and only house hunter appeared.  And within a week, that looker became the buyer we'd all been praying for.

So, the U-Haul will get backed up to the garage on Thursday afternoon and will be loaded up by some of those faithful friends who've done life with us for decades.  I'm hoping 4 grandchildren and their dad will make an appearance to keep things light and merry.  And then early on Friday, Tim and I will walk out the door one final time.

And I'm fairly sure that I'll cry buckets as I pull the car out of the driveway and head north toward the Taconic Parkway, away from this beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley that's been our home forever.

So it's time to do what all steady bloggers do from time to time and that's take a purposeful break from being an online presence.  A sabbatical so to speak, to focus all our energy on what's urgent, what matters most, what's staring right at us.

You might see me here and there, but my footprint will be light, my voice a whisper.

I'll be back when things settle into a new normal.

Oh ... I've just gotta tell you that I've been creating a brand new online home that I'm kinda excited about.  I hope you'll love it, too!  Don't worry ... you'll be the FIRST to know when it's up and running.

Meanwhile, here's a peek at our new place, a smaller haven surrounded by woods in a little town nestled between the ever-changing bay on one side and the ocean deep on the other.

A huge thanks for journeying through this transition with me.  God has used all your encouraging words and kind prayers to carry me through, week by week.  And the beauty of this online world we live in means that I'll continue to walk with you ... and you with me.

I'll see you later.  By His grace, we can count on it!




  1. I can't even...........:-( But I'm so very excited for you both!

  2. I'll miss you 'till you're back, and I will hold on until then.

    Until we hear from you, heck. I was trying to think of something graceful to say, but I guess I'll be the mule that kicks out the wall.

    I love you.


  3. Hi Linda. Best of luck with your move! You're new place looks lovely. Enjoy your sabbatical. You will be missed, friend.

  4. This is so beautiful. I'm excited for you. You can definitely count on it.

  5. Hello Linda, enjoy your break and please come back soonest. Eager to see your new online home.
    Sweet blessings to you

  6. I sure like the looks of that new small home. I'm at the age now where small is good unless God has designs for us to expand into a "home ministry." But my wife would have to get on board with that. :) Looking forward to your return and hearing how things are going.

  7. Hello Linda - I guess that there aren't words to express all that needs to be said!!! Your bloggers will all appreciate you sharing your last weeks in Salt Point with them, and we know that our Lord will continue to use your unique ministry that you have had as you turn the page.

    The following is from a card that I received from a friend ... "With every breath you take, God celebrates in your life - He rejoices in you... watches over you... and lovingly keeps you in His constant care. May you know how very much you're loved and treasured, not only by those of us who know you, but by the One who created you. 'The Lord your God is with you... He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.' Zephaniah 3:17 NIV."

  8. I love the new house, Linda! What natural beauty you will have surrounding you daily, my friend. I know it doesn't make leaving your home any easier though. After my grandparents died, I bought their house from my mom. I had spent all my summers there growing up and it was truly home to me. I ended up having to sell it a few years later to be closer to work and my daughter's school. I was devastated. I felt as if I was losing my precious grandparents again. We do get to keep the memories of all that occurred in those special places, so at least you will take those with you deep in your heart.
    I hope your time away is all you hope it will be. You will be greatly missed! I can't wait to see your new online space when you reemerge :).

  9. I was thinking of you on my way to work this morning and praying for this transition of yours, for the heartache that I knew you must be feeling. Your post today affirms what God was whispering to my heart to pray back to Him on your behalf. Thankful for the way that God has worked all this together from beginning to end. You will be missed - deeply, yet I know that what you are doing is exactly the right thing and in answer to the deepest callings in your soul, callings from the Lover of your soul. Take heart and know that you are loved and affirmed every step of this journey.

  10. Oh Linda, I've been where you are, and your words today took me there again. So many feelings, so many memories! "How God sold my house" stories are my favorite ... I have several of my own, and I have a feeling the tale of your lone-looker-turned-buyer will buoy your faith for a long time! I'll miss your online presence, but I'm also excited with you as you anticipate moving into your lovely next home. :-)

  11. Hi Linda! I can see why you'll miss your home. I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Praise to God to sent just the right person to you at the time you needed them. I pray that your new home will become a sure source of refuge and peace for you and Tim.

    Enjoy your blog-break, although I know you'll be crazy busy. And emotional. And grateful. And sad. Phew... You need the break girl. God love you and your journey...

  12. A beautiful beginning, Linda. Continued prayers . . .

  13. I am pretty sure I left a comment here yesterday but don't see it. Anyways . . . thinking of you and holding you in prayer. Love you much. xoxo

  14. Praying you through this week and all the memories that are ready to flood out as you say goodbye one more time. I love the new house and can't wait for your new online home. Basically I just can't wait to hang out with you again!

  15. I love how your home looks!! Many blessings to you my friend! <3 -

  16. Your new home looks and sounds wonderful!

    Taconic Parkway...brought back memories...When I went to school in the States, I worked at place called Camp Taconic in Red Hook, NY one summer.

  17. What a sweet little cabin in the woods! Wow what a blessing to have a buyer the first week! We are still living in a "show home" as we have since April and praying for that right person to walk through the door. Have a restful-ish sabbatical. ;) So happy for y'all!

  18. Love your new home and can't wait to hear about your new adventures and friends. God is faithful and has led you to the right place! :)

  19. Praying for you as you move into this new phase of life!

  20. Linda. What a time for a loss. I know you're already drained with the move. I pray this new home wraps
    you with the comfort of His presence. This new home is different. You have to warm up to it, take its hand and let the memories of joy,family and adventure begin. You can do this...oh yes you can. Blessings. Chris


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