Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 11 Best Christmas Gifts Ever

Oprah has her extravagantly popular favorite things. And Martha is whipping up near-to-perfection gifts from her farm. So I hope you don't mind me offering a sampling of goodies I think are truly lovely to share with those on your list.

{If this post looks vaguely familiar, you've got a terrific memory, my friend, 'cause you saw it right here one year ago! Some things are even better when served up a second time ...}

1. Books
If something you've read has enlarged your borders or turned your life around, that's a gift worth sharing. {Here's a few volumes that changed my faith and a few more that I use for daily life.}

2. Ornaments
Those sweet little hangings, some given decades ago, last forever and bring back the most poignant memories. Unpacking them each December does nothing but bring a flood of warm thoughts and fond memories. Especially those fragile oh-so-imperfect ones made long ago by eager little hands.

3. Edibles
Gotta-eat-the-whole-loaf fragrant cinnamon bread ... warm from the oven cheese danish ... crunchy homemade granola ... a plate of lusciously decorated cookies ... a box of decadent homemade fudge ... nutritious soup still hot in the pot. Whatever your specialty, please include your recipe!

4. Experiences
Think tickets to a play or a dinner theatre or a spa or a local restaurant. Handcrafted gift certificates for free babysitting or snow shoveling or errand running. Opportunities for the kids to learn a new sport ... maybe ballet or art lessons? Their parents will rise up and call you blessed.

5. Candles
Stress-reducing lavender vanilla. Zesty mango peach salsa. Sweet raspberry. And pine scented Christmas scented candles that burn throughout the season. {Yankee Candle never disappoints!}

6. Photographs
Matted and framed ... etched onto a mouse pad ... worked into a scrapbook ... printed on a calendar, this is a surefire winner for any grandparent or a far off loved one. {Shutterfly is easy to navigate}. A digital picture frame loaded with favorite shots? An extravagance that's hard to top.

7. Subscriptions
Those magazines, fruit, newspapers, flowers {or whatever!} remind the recipient of you each and every time they make an appearance at their door.

8. Gift Cards
Do you truly know their specific size, favorite color, unique style? Probably not. Save on endless hours trolling the mall and horrifically long lines for returns ... and allow them to take advantage of post-holiday sales.

9. Heirlooms
Few things are sadder than family members pawing through your belongings like vultures after you've left this world, arguing over who gets what. How much more meaningful to give those family heirlooms now with your love, hugs, and the opportunity to share the story behind the chosen gift. You receive the huge rush of joy that comes with giving these carefully selected, priceless treasures in person, sooner rather than later. And your shelves will say 'thank you' for letting them breathe again.

10. Livestock
Who needs yet another pair of slippers or a tie that will hang there unused forever? You can choose to honor the recipient by gifting to those in need. Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog is a longtime favorite ... your donation purchases livestock, boats, fruit trees, chicks, blankets, hot meals, shoes, bicycles, you name it. You can even feed a baby for a week. It just doesn't get better than this.

11. Nothing
{Get the full size, ready to print holiday gift exception certificate right here!}

What do you love to give?


What's bowled you over when you received it?

* a repeat performance from December 4th, 2012
* photograph by Powerhouse Museum

* sharing presents with Jen & Kristen


  1. I love, love, love this list, Linda! And especially # 11. I'm shopping-challenged when it comes to buying gifts. It's hard to think of anything people "need" anymore in the USA....

    1. Ain't that the truth, my friend. We are overflowing with stuff and abundance and more than we'll ever need. I love #10, the livestock idea, too! This is something our house church does and it's brought us great joy ... and goats and fish and chickens and dairy animals for those who really need them.

      Thanks for dropping in tonight, Lisa!



  2. Thanks for sharing this list, Linda! I'm always on the lookout for special gift ideas!! This post will go in my "gift ideas" folder!

    1. I'm glad, Dar! If you're like me, sooner or later you'll get stumped by what to give someone special. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Linda! I love to give gifts, but sometimes it's so hard to think of something special. I like everything on your list!
    My Dad would like your last suggestion. He said a age 88, he's done with 'stuff.' I'm beginning to see the wisdom of his point. Except edibles. You can give me that anytime :)
    Happy Friday!

    1. Ceil - a great big YES to edibles {but no fruit cake, please!} I love when my girls come with great big containers filled with Christmas cookies. I say let's eat dessert first!


  4. What a great list! I love giving handmade items for Christmas. Two years ago I made each of the kids a knitted blanket. They love them!

    1. mmm, yes, Jen ... there's something oh so special about a blanket or quilt handmade by someone we love. These are my favorite bed coverings and throws to have on sofa and chairs. What treasures they are ... especially ones that are signed and dated!

      Hey, reader ... why not pull those handmade labors of love out from the back of the closet or bottom of the trunk for these cold winter nights!


  5. Replies
    1. These linky parties are the introvert's way to work the room! Thanks for the opportunity to share these gifts with your friends, Jen!

  6. love this list, linda! i have missed you, friend! happy when i saw you link up to 'in the studio'!

    1. How fun to see your name pop up ... you've made my day! I still think of you ... and hope you're well and that your business is booming! Please be sure to let me know if you start blogging again, ok!

      Have a truly blessed Christmas, Jennifer ...


  7. Wonderful, wonderful list! We love hand crafted gifts, especially treasured are those that both my mom and my mother-in-law have made…even more each year since they have both passed away.

    When each of our children got married, for one of their gifts, we gave them their ornaments from each year ( talk about that on one of my posts here. Ornament Pouches

    And photographs are perfect! And yes, just time spent together is a treasured gift!

    So nice to meet you here through Jen's "In the Studio".

    Blessings & Aloha!

    1. Oh yes, I loved letting our kids sort through the Christmas ornaments and take what was theirs as they headed out to create their own homes. The family legacy is passed on and lives on because of the sweet {or bittersweet} memories that are woven through those objects that we hold in our hands ...

      Thanks for coming by and introducing yourself! I'll be heading over to check out your blog!


  8. A great list. I will add really nice perfumes.

    1. Oh lovely, lovely!

      Thanks for dropping in, Ifeoma!


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