Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adios to My Paraphernalia

Do you have a "fantasy self"?  The incredible culinary whiz.  The super-fit, all-star athlete.  The award winning musical virtuoso.  The fabulously creative entrepreneur.

Acquired a whole lot of stuff along the way to becoming someone you never quite became?

Kitchen cabinets jammed with stacks of unopened gourmet cookbooks and expensive cooking widgets {that were maybe used once or twice}.

A garage packed with all manner of big-ticket sports equipment {from at least a generation ago}.

The cache of musical instruments stuffed in the back of a musty closet or two {from way back in elementary school}.

Overflowing boxes laden with dusty, unused craft supplies {from the '80s}.

Clothes bought on a whim stored in a rarely-opened garment bag {with the tags still attached}.

Painful piles of memorabilia from a love, a friendship, a relationship {that's long since departed}.

Writer and blogger Francine Jay muses, "Do you have a fantasy self?  And if so, how much of your clutter belongs to it?

All too often, we hold on to stuff because it represents who we think we should be, rather than who we are.  Sometimes our fantasy selves are meant to impress others; sometimes they’re relics of our past; sometimes they’re fantasies about our future.

Whatever the case, it’s important to remember: acquiring stuff for your fantasy self doesn’t make it a reality.  Most of the time, it only leads to a lot of “nice” clutter you never actually use."

Check out her list of 10 fantasy personalities.

~~~>   Any of those descriptions ring a bell for you?

~~~>   What strikes you when you see yourself in black and white?

~~~>   Ready to embrace who you REALLY are in this season by saying good-bye to that dream/hope/fantasy that never quite made it?

I've said good-bye to the pasta machine I used once.  Hundreds of carefully cut-out, never used magazine recipes stashed in wrinkled old folders.  The dozens of once-loved cross-stitch books.  The piano that saw hour after hour of faithful practice.  Stacks and stacks of paper and cards and notes from eons ago.  Photos of people I couldn't even identify.  My husband's trumpet from high school.  Some collectibles and lots of tchotchkes that have long since lost their charm.

Most recently it was a whole, dusty file drawer of every note and test I ever took, every handout I ever laid my eyes on, everything I ever wrote through college and graduate school.  {Yes, I saved a few papers ...}

There's lots more to go. 'Cause I'm not now who I was then.

You, too?

P.S. #1    Need more motivation?  How 'bout Home is not my stuff  &  101 Places Where Your Clutter Can Do Good.

P.S. #2    This post first saw the light of day 25 months ago.  I thought it was worthy of a repeat performance.  Because I'm still in the process of weeding out.  And I KNOW I'm not the only one!

- picture by Jim in Times Square -


  1. Linda, With 2 moves in 2 years-the last 300 miles and down-sizing each time, I am back to the basics. Here is what I have learned---occasionally I miss having something now gone--but for the most part it is very freeing to have less to take care of and de-cluttering my life has helped de-clutter my mind. I will confess though, that with an OCD personality, I have always been a cleaner-outer-get rid of what you do not use. Today though--even things like the rice cooker (what is wrong with cooking it on the stove?)/steamer---everything has been gone through and cut back to the basics. Not a bad thing and some day my children will thank me!

    1. You said it all, Lulu ... 'de-cluttering my life has helped de-clutter my mind.' I'm thinking the opposite is true, too. And to add to the mix, the state of our souls is in there, as well. Every arena is enmeshed with the next!

      Our Creator sure designed us complex! And yet when all is said and done, it is rather simple ...


  2. 1. I loved the graphic you chose. 2. I love the title of this post. 3. None of the personalities seem to describe me. I've been on an on-going mission for a couple of years to simplify my life and pear down my possession. I learned that I cannot function in the midst of clutter. I feel disturbed and unable to concentrate. I think, "How can I take up my cross and follow Him if I'm dragging a bunch of stuff behind me?"

    1. "How can I take up my cross and follow Him if I'm dragging a bunch of stuff behind me?" Elizabeth ... this is just PROFOUND!


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