Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Powerhouse Blogs

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm passionate about blogging!  Over time it's become an integral part of the daily weaving of my life ... and a bit of my identity in this season.  I write about what crosses my path or strikes my heart, and since life is so unpredictable, you never quite know what's going to show up on any given day.

And I like it that way! 

This whole blogging thing isn't a solitary writing exercise.  It's all about sharing a bit of our authentic selves, maybe some information or motivation, guidance or life lessons.  It's the creation of a bit of virtual community and a warm sense of connection, meeting others of like mind and heart.  And then forging relationships of a sort. 

This online kinship really can't {and shouldn't} replace what we've got going for us face-to-face.  And like any online pastime, there's gotta be some healthy boundaries and a sabbatical here and there.  But visiting back and forth, offering encouraging words and receiving the same, can be an enriching source of wisdom, inspiration, growth ... and just plain fun!  Over time, I've met a number of incredible, unique women of all stripes who've spoken into my life and enlarged my borders, stretching and growing me with words written from their overflowing hearts.

A big tool in blog growth are those infamous Linky Parties/Link-Ups/Blog Hops. These are super opportunities to visit all kinds of blogs, say 'hey there,' and get your word, your name, your message out into a worldwide community.

I'm happy to give the seven blogs below a big shout out today.  Over time, more than 24,500 hits have come to this Creekside online community from these sites.  For this teensy slice of the internet, that's kind of neat!  I've said 'yes' to your generous invitations to link my posts with yours, and this little blog has morphed and grown because you've been kind enough to put your welcome mat out. 


And while we're at it, I'm so grateful for you, dear reader, whether you've been hanging with me since 2008 or have just come on board.  You're the one that keeps things hopping around here.  I'd love to know that you're dropping by ... please know that when you take some of your valuable time to leave a comment, it's sweet music to this blogger's heart!

And if you're not getting this blog in your email inbox or RSS feed, be sure to subscribe at the top of the right hand column, ok?

I truly love having you in my world!

* heading to Kristen's  .  Courtney's


  1. I've read several of these blogs. I'll have to check out the others too. I wish I had enough hours in the day to read all the blogs I'd like to read.

  2. Thank you SO much for including me in this list! I appreciate it!!! Keep writing and keep shining!

    1. Love that you've dropped in, Courtney! Your encouraging words are a delightful start to this day ...

  3. I haven't been blogging as long as you have but I can relate to what you've said here. I am so thankful for those communities who pull out their welcome mats every week to join us together. It's such a generous community, one I'm learning from daily and I'm thankful.

    1. Yep, generous is the word, Shelly! And I'm glad you're here this morning ...

  4. Thanks Linda!! So sweet! I tried to comment and it was giving me fits so just wanted to let you know I appreciated it very much! :-)

    {via email}

    1. Sorry about the glitch, Melissa ... and thanks for tracking me down! I so appreciate it!

      *Note to readers - if the comment link ever gets glitchy for you, simply email me what you've got to say and I'll be sure it gets posted.


  5. Thanks Linda, you are too kind! Keep up the fantastic work you do :)



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