Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days : : People 101

Hey ... welcome to 31 Days!  I'm glad you stopped by to check out People 101! 

Scroll on down to read Day 1.

  Day 2 - Disappointed Wives

  Day 5 - Giveaway #1 - every woman's battle promise book

  Day 6 - Radiant Bride

  Day 7 - Wounded Healers

  Day 8 - Christmas Child

Day 11 - Groovy Crooners

Day 12 - Giveaway #2 - Moments for Singles

Day 13 - Praisin' Lad

Day 15 - Childlike Souls

Day 18 - Giveaway #3 - One Way Love

Day 19 - Fearful Parents

Day 23 - Kingdom Kids

Day 24 - Giveaway #4 - Audrey Bunny

Day 26 - Enunciating Mama 
Day 29 - Giveaway #5 - King's Faith
Day 30 - People Lovers
Day 31 - Winner !  Winner !  Winner !  Winner !  Winner !
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We're diving deep in October with a variety of relationship oriented posts.  Some will crack you up and others will make you reach for your tissues.  I can almost guarantee you're going to resonate with much of what you read.  Because you rub shoulders with all kinds of people dealing with all kinds of stuff.

And ... you look in the mirror every day.

Around here, you're in very good company with whatever you're walking through.  You'll find plenty to reflect on and build you up.  Count on being comforted and stretched as we deal with a potpourri of relationships that are disappointing.  Fantastic.  Destructive.  Joy-filled.  Fear-laced.  Healthy.  Broken. 

You've got the picture.

Most posts will be short.  I know you've got alot of 31 Days friends to visit and I'm hoping that I'll be one of them! 

I'd love for you to leave a thought or two every time you drop by, which will put you in the running for our Multiple Giveaways on October 31st at 9 pm eastern!  We'll post the list of winners at that time and then it will be 'first come, first choice' for these readers to claim their prizes. {Please, limit 1 comment per day, US and Canada only!} 

And when you leave a comment, if you're doing 31 Days, please share the name of your series and the URL link to your first 31 Days post so our Creekside readers can hop on over to your place.

One last thing!  Before you leave, please click here and sign up to get each People 101 post delivered right to your door.  I'm looking forward to getting to know YOU.  Because, as always, you are welcome here ...

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  1. Hi Linda, Looking forward to reading lots of good stuff (as always) over the next 31 days.

    My 31 Days URL is:

    Excited to share this adventure with you and others too!

    1. You go girl! I'm heading over to visit you right about now!


  2. Thank you for launching this new 31-day series, Linda!

    Between "rubbing shoulders" and "looking in the mirror," I certainly do need to hear what you have to say, in all the ways you're led to approach this key area of our lives.

    "Around here, you're in very good company with whatever you're walking through." That's absolutely true. I know I'll be "comforted and stretched" by your posts, in both laughter and tears, just as you anticipate.

    Thanks for visiting me over at "Where Depression Meets Grace: 31 Days in the Hands of the Healer." I look forward to walking out this challenge together!

    God bless you and Creekside,
    Healed (by His wounds!)

    1. Your striking photographs and soulful writing style are sure to impact those who are walking through depression ... or care about someone who is. Healing blessings as you walk through these 31 days ...

  3. This sounds like it's going to be an interesting #31Days, Linda. I love your theme! I look forward to what you'll share.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And, dear readers, if you love reading, you're going to want to check out Lisa's 31 Days of Books ... a great excerpt each day this month. Click on her name to head to her website! Good stuff!


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