Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gleanings : : Kids & Sex * Pain * Schoolmoms * Mudrooms * Pre-Schoolmoms

Three Things You Don't Know About Your Children and Sex  - {if you read only one thing this week, read this.}
'Dear Parents, Please allow me a quick moment to introduce myself before we go much further.  My name is Anne Marie Miller.  I’m thirty-three years old.  I’m newly married to a wonderful man named Tim.  We don’t have any children yet, but we plan to.  For the purpose of this letter, you need to know I’m a recovering addict.  Pornography was my drug of choice.  I grew up in the church – the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher man with ...'

When pain gets too noisy - {yes, yes.}
'I walked into the doctor’s office Friday morning thinking I’d be strong.  I knew the EMG and NCV tests would be painful (I’ve had them before), but this time I was older, more centered, more experienced with blocking out outside stimuli.  Yeah, right.  I cried.  It hurt.  But I didn’t ...'

Dear Kids ... My New School Year Commitment to You - {for every parent ...}
'It came to me, on the eve of this new school year, after sitting as our party of 5 last night and asking for fresh commitments from our kids about grades and character and yes, even daily deodorant wearing.  How often, as parents, we ask and require but do not also always require of ourselves.  And how important it is that this year, I make some fresh commitments, too.  So though I am on the heels of ...'

10 Great Mudrooms - {just too fun!}
'I have a crush on mudrooms.  Which one is your favorite? :) ...'

The Prayer of a Mother of Preschoolers - {oh, those were the days.}
'Dear Lord, Thank you for today.  (Kasher, get your hand out of the toilet!)  Thank you for loving me in spite of me.  (Is that a fly in my coffee? No, Aiden, you've already watched a show--now it's time to play nicely with your brother while Mommy ...)'

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  1. Happy Birthday Linda!

  2. Happy 58 years! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I woke up and felt compelled to write to people 50 and older...the mentors in my life have been on my mind. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and week! Thank you for sharing those articles above. I will be reading several today!

    1. For some reason, 55 was a rough milestone. Now I'm just sailing through!


      I'm glad you're here, Dionne ...

  3. Thanks so much for "treasure hunting" for us, Linda. And I always love Emily Wierenga's heart and blog, so I'm glad you gave her a shout out! By the way, I've noticed that others are wishing you a Happy Birthday, so I think I'll do the same - Happy Birthday, dear friend!! Enjoy your day!

  4. Way too many candles around here, Beth!


  5. Love the Prayer of a Mom of Preschoolers!

    1. For sure - a scattered, real, desperate, sense of humor lifeline this kind of praying without ceasing is!


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