Monday, June 17, 2013

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A reader writes - How is this for "Blog Stupidity"?  I have been confused recently by your blogs that have 4 or 5 different thoughts in one day.  They seemed to start off being interesting, but then they just stopped mid sentence.  Then there was a new one, like a new paragraph that had nothing to do with what I just read. I couldn't think of a nice way to say "your blog makes no sense to me".  Then yesterday, while I was on your blog, I accidentally clicked at the end of one of your "thoughts" and it linked me to a totally different page!!  I then realized that was what I was supposed to be doing all along! 
Moral of this story - Each Gleanings post links you up to something that caught my eye or grabbed hold of my heart in recent days.  If the snippet interests you, just click on the title.  Red words on the Creekside blog link to another web page.  So if you want to browse the posts that this dear reader was talking about, simply click on the red Gleanings at the beginning of this paragraph.  If you want to check out the Big Reads, Comments, or Topics on the right side of the page, just click on those red words and you'll be good to go!
'I love the look of striped and patterned flats for spring!  But I did NOT want to pay $50-100 for a pair of shoes from Madewell or Toms.  So when I saw some white flats at Walmart for $5, I decided to create my own!  Here’s how I did it ...'

Part 1: Leading in Rhythm
'Several years ago, during a time when I was not officially on staff at any church, our family had the opportunity to simply attend a local church as normal church members.  With three teenagers/young adults, it was a busy season of our lives and yet we really wanted to establish rhythms for ourselves that gave us one day a week for rest, renewal and being together in a more relaxed and uninterrupted way.  Given our work, school, and sports schedules, Sunday was the only day it was even possible to think in terms of time that was qualitatively different than other days of the week.  During that season we made a sad discovery: in addition to the typical obstacles within secular culture to creating such a day, the church itself was also a major deterrent to ...'

100% College Admission - How Sad
'Last Sunday on a leisure drive back from lunch we passed one of the most prestigious private high schools in our area.  A sign was proudly posted at the front entrance stating: “100% College Admission for our Seniors – again."  I’ll have to admit I cringed on seeing that.  Now I know that any high school principal who doesn’t claim this as his/her goal is likely to be accused of not having the students best interests at heart and would also likely be run out of town by indignant parents.  But ...'

10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction-Less
'Our world has become a constant feed of information, noise, and entertainment.  Our phones live not just in our pockets, but in front of our eyes.  The influence of the Internet and its constant stream of information is accessible from nearly corner of our world.  Breaking news breaks into our day at breakneck speed.  And we are fed messages relentlessly from advertisements on nearly every flat surface.  Each distraction enters our mind with one goal: ...'

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