Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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BREAKOUT Manifesto - When you're ready to break free of your brokenness {a free 75 page eBook}
'Life is a journey ... A journey of lessons both glorious and messy.  Lessons gained as we pick up the broken pieces of our lives, sifting through the sinfulness and pushing past the pain.  Lessons in the moments where we learn to love.  First God.  Then others.  And all along the way we stumble, scraping knees and scraping hearts till they bleed.  But not more than His.  He bled out all the way.  Gave up everything for us.  Priceless grace ...'

Organizing Spices To Solve an Annoying Problem
'Okay by now you must all know that the basis for any organizing I do is almost always to solve some annoying problem that is bugging me.   I’m constantly thinking about how I can streamline systems to save not only space, time and money but also how I can keep from being irritated about things.  Take my spices for instance.  We don’t have a bulk store in my town so to save money I buy my spices in bags and refill ...'

corrective experiences
' I have a lot of amazing therapist friends.  it is a gift and they help many people grow, heal, and become better people.  the other day i got an email from one of them who shared a story with me about how part of our messy, crazy, putting-our-money-where-our-mouth-is community is creating “corrective experiences” for people.  in therapy, corrective emotional experiences are when we have an experience that repairs the traumatic influence of previous experiences.  i’d say it’s when we have an encounter that somehow heals, repairs, or shifts a previous trauma, assumption, or wound ...'

How Do I Approach My Church Leaders?
'Lately, I’ve heard from many women who have been deeply discouraged by the response they’ve received from their church leaders when they’ve asked for help for their destructive husbands.  I’ve taken a few things from my new book, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, that are important to do so that if and when you go to the leaders in your church for help, you’re better prepared ...'

In which you're a pioneer
'The wilderness can be romanticized in literature or sermons, the now-clean and tidy prosperous ones wax philosophic about our place of rediscovery and intimacy with God, like it’s church camp for grown-ups, a place to discover God and your true self, like streets of gold are waiting on the other side of the prairie.  There isn’t anything very romantic about the terrible truth of your real self and an arduous journey.  Like a pampered daughter headed west in a wagon train, you had set out into the wilderness with your trunks and baggage in tow, smug and convinced of your ...'

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  1. Thanks for resourcing me and others once again, Linda. I've already downloaded the free e-book, thanks to your recommendation/link. It sounds like a great read! And I'm going to check more thoroughly the other recommendations soon. As always, love visiting your place and having you join me for WW. Hugs to you!

  2. This journey isn't a tidy, organized camp - is it - it is messy, arduous - challenging - but what amazing things He pulls out of this messy journey:) Loved your list - so many good things in them!

    1. You're so right on, blue cotton friend ... the journey is always morphing and often treacherous ... that's why we need a Savior, a Guide, a Companion, a Healer!


  3. Bravo for How to Approach Church Leaders!!!!!!! Wish I read that 20 years ago when I couldn't make sense of what I was feeling in the destruction of my marriage. I could not formulate what was happening and I tended to minimize so much. There was much good in our family that would sporadically give me hope but if I documented the bad, I think it would have disclosed the hopelessness I fought for years. The cry I hear from Christian women is "My Pastor told me to pray for my husband and show him unconditional love of Jesus etc etc etc" Bad advice when poor choices are eating you alive and no one sees it. I wrote out my feelings in a journal but the article specified listing the facts. Big difference. Documenting what you hear and collecting the facts of chronic behavior issues of a destructive relationship truly exposes the evil......Hooray for GRAND counsel.


    1. Yes, Carol, this is good stuff for weary, frightened, desperately alone women. Leslie Vernick is the absolute best ...



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