Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Client's Thumbs-Up

As clients share their hearts during our counseling sessions, I am focused, listening, discerning, concentrating on what is being spoken aloud, with a tenderly observant eye on all those non-verbal messages that are sent from heavily laden souls.  When they take the time to send a quick note letting me know where they are on their healing journey, their words have great meaning.  The note below is shared with the writer's enthusiastic permission and I offer it today with great delight. 

Because God changes lives.  And for that I never cease to give Him praise. 

And I love recommending a book that I know is simply life-changing!  If you're overwhelmed by all that's crowding you out of house and home and are ready to explore an 'experimental mutiny against excess,' Jen Hatmaker's 7 is your baby this summer.  And if you're thinking 'mmm ... not so much,' then this is absolutely must reading!

~      ~      ~      ~      ~

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to check in with you.  I have a good report.  I am loving the book 7 which I bought used!  It is giving me tons to think about.  I have been shopping in my closets and pantry all week.  My kids are excited about this project, my husband is thrilled.

I have been really working on respecting him and being a more positive, uplifiting person in his life.  I see more life in his eyes than in a long time.  I have asked God to restore the years the locusts ate in our marriage and I am expecting great things from Him.

I am convicted that I must do all things for His glory.  Thank you!

... Blessings


  1. "Because God changes lives."


    Thanks to you both for sharing.

    1. A huge hallelujah sometimes says it best, yes?


  2. Thanks for sharing. I went through this book quickly (AKA reading with spurts of skimming). I especially enjoyed her chapter on possessions. The idea of getting rid of 7 items a day for 30 days is a great idea and very neat. I also thought it was interesting how she not only counted the number of clothes that she owned, but then tried to determine the cash value of her wardrobe...very sobering.

    Her funny writing style was great and engaging. My wife intends to look at some of her other books as I would frequently read passages out loud to her. Good recommendation!

    1. Yep, Jonathan ... enjoyable, interesting, sobering, fun, engaging! You've got it! And I love the idea of a couple reading to each other ... glad you guys had fun with it together ...




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