Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Clean Slate

It's just about springtime.  FINALLY!  

{Even if it is snowing in the Hudson Valley today!}

And it's all about a clean slate and the choices you can make to take you there.  Kind of like a much needed pruning that clears away the dead wood, releasing new life and healthy growth and fragrant blooms.

I love it! 

Your Physical Space
Throw open the windows and air the house out.  All those throws and quilts and pillows?  Store or toss anything that doesn't whisper 'spring has sprung.'  Farewell to those tired dried wreaths and plants gasping for their final breath.  Things to say goodbye to include stacks of newspapers, piles of magazines that you have no interest in, overdue library books, expired coupons, the pine scented candles, and other stuff that's seen its day.

And ... the cascade of junk mail on the table, endless dust collectors/collectibles, the long forgotten basket of Christmas cards, the piles of clothes waiting to be mended or washed or shared, overflowing bags of recyclables, and the odd assortment of toys, shoes, boots, and miscellaneous equipment that desperately need to find a home. 
Take 15 will help you take care of business, step by step.  And today's the day.
Your Brain Space
Too much information and too many screens and far too much time online.   Brain clutter swirling around, begging for focused attention that will never happen because we're way too absorbed with Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Pinterest.  Email.  And a huge myriad of games and blogs and other time-stealers.  Truth be told, we've friended and followed way too many people and been drawn in by pasttimes that keep us checked out from those who're sitting three feet away. 
What better time than now to figure out what you truly want to focus on, and say good-bye to time spent absorbed in online activities and people whose season is long past.
Here's 6 choices you can make.   And today's the day. 
Your Heart Space
Resentments, unfinished business, bitterness, jealousy.   Painful wounds that still fester because they haven't been tended to.  People who should have been forgiven long ago.  This heavy load does nothing but sap way too much energy from our lives, coloring our souls with a great sadness, oft' tinged with anxiety or depression.  What do you need to do to let all of this go?
Write it off.  Whether they deserve it or not.  And today's the day. 
A clean slate.  That sounds so cool, doesn't it?
- image courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. I love this time of year when I can open the windows and let in the new air. (When the weather is cooperative!)

    Just reading this makes me feel "lighter" thank you!

    *I've been having blogger log in issues, so I'm so sorry if this comment posted more than once*

    1. Hey Erin ... that you feel just a bit lighter after reading makes my heart sing! Thank you!

  2. Enjoyed reading this post. Nice job and a great way to welcome the spring. A clean slate has been a motto of mine for a while - especially when things start getting aren't going well. Time to reassess and find a new way to make things better.


    1. Yep, there's no better time than today, is there? Thanks for dropping by, Chris ...


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