Monday, January 14, 2013

The Grandkids' Closet

Our six grandchildren have their own special nook when they come to visit.   It's in the 'Country Room' closet that all the little toys are tucked away, at the ready for eager hands ready for action.  Push the closet door to the side and they've got complete access to what they're searching for, arranged on sturdy shelves and cubbies crafted from vintage wooden boxes and a green shelf/ladder...
looks like everything was hastily tossed in after the last visit,
thrown to the wind before quickly sliding the door shut
yes, that fan belongs on an upper shelf, out of reach of little hands!
the fan has been relocated to a safe haven

 Baby Jesus has traveled to a big wicker basket filled with dolls and stuffed animals
in another corner of the room

the broken wooden cradle, the old Cabbage Patch doll carrier,
and a few blue plastic bins with outgrown baby toys have said good-bye

top left ...
a wicker basket overflowing with doll clothes safely settles in on a big old wooden stool 
a 1950s Noah's Ark piled high with animals perches on an ancient Cape Cod cranberry box, 
while their mamas' much-used 1970s Fisher Price barn is cozily corralled below
tucked alongside is the Fisher Price doctor kit from that era
below ...

tucked inside the hefty wooden Northwest Apple box, another much-loved 1970s
Fisher Price plaything houses lots of little people and furniture
a big ol' box of huge Legos shares residence in a wonderful Manhattan Biscuit Company crate with the kids' hands-down favorite, a blue carrying case packed with Hot Wheels,
scooped up at a country auction for $8
my own vintage toys from the 1950s are at the ready, resting on the carpet
perched on a pile of wooden puzzles,
the bag of trolls that their mamas played with is always a big hit
top right ...

another Fisher Price toy from the 1950s makes an appearance on top of a green shelf/ladder
this sweet pull toy perches on a basket filled with wooden Lego-type blocks from that era
a wicker basket holds purses and wallets for playtime

A Bowl Full of Lemons



  1. "Where did Baby Jesus go? I hope he survived the cleaning!" That was my panicked first comment based just on the pictures, but then actually stopped to read the article more fully and am glad he's still around! Oh the memories.

  2. Ah ... He's never far away, is He, Jonathan!! Lots of good times, huh?

  3. very nice! my grandchildren play with some of the same toys at my house, so fun!

  4. There's no toys more fun than the ones at someone else's house! Thanks for stopping in this evening, Linda ...

  5. Great job on the organizing! We have a closet under a stairwell for toy storage, affectionately dubbed "Narnia" as it also is the coat closet, and you have to push through the coats to get to the big play area...I'm visiting from Studio is so nice to meet you!

  6. those fischer price toys are amazing my kids would love to pop over and play with them too, pitty South Africa is a little too far ;) popping over from Studio JRU.

  7. mmm ... from Narnia to South Africa ... kids are all the same!

    Thanks for dropping by today, friends!

  8. How sweet that they have their own special nook like that! Looks like so much fun. And so organized! I remember us having that farm barn to play with... it mooed when you open the doors! :)

  9. Yep ... still mooing 34 years later, Jennifer!


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