Friday, January 11, 2013

Reorganizing the Office

The afternoon was wide open at the counseling office.  The beginning of the year can be a bit slow, and it's a time to catch my breath.  Reshelve books, shred files, reorganize space. 

I dive right in.  I'm all about getting rid of stuff that I'm not using any more.  Books and notebooks and reams of papers that have steadily multiplied.  Accumulations of clippings and tear-outs and brochures that have laid dormant for a decade. 

Outta there.

I dive right in because I like a space that's warm and welcoming and serene for my clients and for me.  I don't want alot of clutter to distract eyes or hearts.  I want this to be a peaceful sanctuary, a haven of safety that lends itself to sacred hours together.

So I say 'yes' to a beautiful quilt hung on the wall, well-organized shelves of books at the ready, cozy throws over chairs that gently rock.  I say 'yes' to the vintage bowls lined up along the top of those shelves, meaningful pictures on the walls, a vanilla candle on the table, gentle music in the background.

On this winter afternoon, I dive right on in and begin to remove all the other detritus that might be distracting to me, to them.  I roll up my sleeves and begin the task.

 Five Minute Friday


  1. We're moving in about 6 months... I'm doing a lot of the same sort of diving right in, sorting, purging and organizing!

  2. There's no better time than January to jump in and take care of business, right Richelle?

  3. i seem to attract clutter, but there is nothing better than the day, i finally get to clear the clutter from a feels so good, enjoy your quiet days...popping over from Studio JRU

  4. I hear you about attracting that clutter, Jenni ... and ah, yes, that sweet relief when it's outta there and our spaces are open and wide and clean!

  5. I love cleaning things out and feeling uncuttered! I saw your blog on StudioJRU.

  6. Renee - I love dropping in at Jennifer's place, don't you? I always leave feeling a bit inspired even though I've never been an artist.

    But I guess we're always creating something, mmm ...

  7. Your office space sounds very warm and inviting and I'll bet your clients find it a peaceful safe haven. I wish I was as good about clearing the clutter from my home as you are from your office.

  8. I'm so grateful to work in such a peaceful space, with magnificent floor to ceiling windows, overlooking woods and a flowing creek, Paula. I think the vista is a huge part in clients' progress and healing.

    Thank you, Bob and Dot, for sharing your home with us all ...

  9. Ah, January, new beginnings, cleaning, sorting. Brought 2 bags of good, used clothes to donate yesterday. from Studio JRU.

  10. You're motivating me, Gwen!

  11. This makes me want to dive in and get organizing some of my spaces, Linda! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  12. Jennifer ... yeah, maybe 'dive in' is the right way way to go!


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