Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 2 : : 4 Building Blocks to a Stronger Blog Community

Hey blogger friends!  We're all in this together, this call to blog, the commitment to write, to share words that spring from overflowing hearts and unique life experiences.  And yes, there is a pull to be in community with kindred spirits online, that has nothing to do with stats or numbers or followers.  Even though we'll probably never meet face to face.  

Consider ...

1.  Introducing your friends!
Along the way, you've probably invited a couple of friends to join you for coffee because you just knew that if they met, they'd click.  And their lives would be richer because you cared enough to get them together.

The same is true as we blog.  So go ahead and share links to posts from other writers that grab hold of you, that provoke some thought, or come from another perspective. 

And do consider linking up to their 'about' page, too, allowing your readers to get to know that writer whose valued words you've shared. 

2.  Keeping the conversation going!
It's impossible to respond to every comment left.  But it's always lovely to acknowledge someone who's taken the time to leave a thought.  You might want to consider having your conversation posted in an easy to see location on the side of your blog.  It sends a welcoming, affirming message that lets your readers know that their visits are appreciated, and that their insight is valuable enough to occupy some real estate on your site.

3.  Blocking that comment verification thingy!
Most of us don't even know that our commenters are continually asked to type in weird letters and numbers to prove they're 'not a robot' before their comment can be published.  What a pain!  If you keep half an eye on the comments coming in, you probably don't need this step since you'll catch any spam fairly quickly.

So head on over to your settings page, and click on 'never' to comment verification.  Let's say farewell to this annoying step that only causes frustration.  Your readers will thank you for it.  And you'll probably see an increase in the number of comments left at your doorstep.  {11/12 update - I had to reinstate this on my blog - way too much spam started pouring in!}

4.  Using an RSS feed!
Encourage your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed so that they're the first to know when you've hit the publish button.  And be sure that you subscribe to all the blogs that matter to you.  This is a key in allowing you to keep in real close touch with writers that make your day ... without spending too much time and energy endlessly surfing and wandering around online.

Bloglovin fits me to a T, but there are other web-based news readers you can use ... or you can get posts delivered right to your email inbox.  RSS Feeds 101 is right here!

And I'd love for you to head on over to the top of the right hand column and click on the rectangle right below THE DELIVERY so you won't miss a single Creekside 31 Days post! 

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