Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships

 31 Days Is Here! 
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 Day 7 - Come Rain or Shine

 Day 8 - The Unexpected Relationship

 Day 9 - A Pastor's Wife Shares Her Heartache

Day 10 - Grasping Too Tightly

Day 11 - Yes, This is Abuse

Day 12 - An Heirloom Left

Day 13 - Obnoxious Fans

Day 14 - A Scripture Lullaby

Day 15 - She's Mommy 911

Day 16 - 3 Words Your Teen Longs to Hear

Day 17 - ' ... and my goal is to be a Pastoral Counselor'

Day 18 - Fetching the Chisels

Day 19 - Venturing Through Those Doors on Your Own

Day 20 - Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Day 21 - Praise to the Lover of Our Souls

Day 22 - Her Brother's Heart is Broken

Day 23 - In Memory of Lindsay Alan Stoll

Day 24 - Journeying Together

Day 25 - A Gift of Caregiving Encouragements

Day 26 - The Thanksgiving Chair

Day 27 - In Memory of Kristen Grady Milligen

Day 28 - The Gardener

Day 29 - Avoiding Those 3 Relationship Killers

Day 30 - This is How We Do Family

Day 31 - The Grand Finale

*  *  *
Hundreds of bloggers have been counting the days.  And today we're all taking a deep breath, grabbing hold of our keyboards, and jumping in for the long-awaited challenge from The Nester ... to write 31 posts in 31 days. 

Around here it's going to be about relationships in every way, shape, and form!  Because if you're alive and breathing, you're in relationship with someone!  We were born to connect, to be cherished and validated, to make a difference.  We were not created to be alone.

Each day we'll capture one aspect of what an awesome relationship looks like with those people you rub shoulders with day in and day out.  Spouses and kids.  Parents and siblings.  Friends.  People at church.  In the 9 - 5 community and the online neighborhood, too.

I'll be unpacking some of the good stuff I've gleaned along the way in more than ten years as a pastoral counselor and life coach ... plus 57 years of personal, hard won life lessons. 

Don't miss the October 31st {9 pm eastern} giveaway of a $25 Applebee's gift card and a $10 i-tunes gift cardEach comment you leave here this month puts you in the running for one of these little stocking stuffers! 

Along the way, check back to this page for the links to each of the 31 posts.  And you can subscribe to the blog and never miss a post by signing up at The Delivery at the top right of the page.

Day 1 - Got a question about some kind of relationship issue?   If you've got a dilemma, a choice, or a challenge sitting right in front of you, I invite you to click here and shoot me a quick email.  Anonymous is fine!  Your note just might kick off a post in the next few weeks!
I invite you to come along for the ride!


  1. I'm glad I found your blog. :)

    {sent via email}

  2. What a fantastic idea! Deepening relationships and community has been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Looking forward to gleaning from what you've gleaned, my friend. Thanks for your commitment to healthy and strong relationships, Linda!

  4. Thinking today about relationships between brothers, as I watch my three sons laugh together and enjoy playing the same card game with each other (even though one is 16, one is 13, and one is 8). I wonder how I can help foster these relationships so that my boys will still be friends when they are men with families of their own. Love you, Linda!

  5. Jennifer - that 3 sons are enjoying each other's company at these ages certainly shows something good's going on in your home!

    Don't get weary in well-doing ... keep up the good work!


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