Monday, August 27, 2012

Her Six Minutes Invested

I spy the name of the caller as the phone rings.  I smile.  It's a dear saint from another time, another place.  Living her father's legacy.

For he always called on birthdays, a short and sweet conversation.  You knew like clockwork that you'd hear from him on your special day.  Hundreds of us were on the receiving end of his powerful gift ... a fervent prayer life that was second to none.  And a phone call to let you know that you were dear to his hugely compassionate heart.

He is gone now, off to Glory, to Jesus, his hard-working farmer's body free from pain.  And his daughter, no youngster herself anymore, calls from the old farmhouse.  She continues the ministry her dad began over the phone lines those many decades ago.

We talk about health and aging family and old friends not well.  She wants to hear about my daughters and grandchildren, and chuckles with thankfulness as I recount how her faithful prayers have been answered.  She remembers an experience that our families shared that I had long ago forgotten.  I pray for her and she prays for me.

And when all that decorates this milestone day is said and done, those six minutes invested by her, this legacy lavishly poured out on me, will remain something to be cherished.

I feel rich today.  God is good.

- photo by antzzed -


  1. I have a dear uncle- sounds like is cut from the same cloth! : ) Such a blessing.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. We forget how important making one small gesture of kindness can be to someone else. I don't make enough time for this, Linda, but I should. Thanks for sharing about these encouragers in your life and how it made a difference for you!

  3. I too was a blessed recipient of these wonderful birthday phone calls and I miss Bill and his out reaching heat.


  4. Linda,
    What an absolutely beautiful gift -- probably the one you value and treasure the most. It encourages me to do the same, and pray scripture over each dear friend on their birthdays. I visited from Be Not Weary, and I'm so glad I did :)

  5. Yes - this is a simple yet powerful gift to give another.

  6. What a sweet gift, Linda. Your friend sounds like a very special lady. Yes, rich, indeed.

  7. To spend just a bit of time with someone who's walked with the Lord forever ... priceless.

    Thanks for stopping in this evening, Laura!


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