Friday, August 31, 2012

Dragging Our Feet

The writer of the book of Exodus knew how much we'd all need to read the story of Moses' conversation with God in chapters 3 and 4.  God has an important task for His man of the hour to accomplish.  And even though Moses was talking to the Most High, the Creator of the universe, he still had the audacity to repeatedly say 'no' to God.
Or was it that his relationship with Him was so intimate, so authentic, so honest, that he could be so bold?
God says, 'So now go.  I am sending you ...'  And Moses replies, 'Who am I that I should go?' and then he begins to bargain with God.  They go back and forth.  God gives him all the details of what will happen and even throws in a miracle or two.
But the one who describes himself as never having 'been eloquent ... and slow of speech and tongue' digs his feet in and begs off.
Truth be told, doesn't this sound just a tad familiar to some conversations you and I have had with the Lover of our souls in recent days?

Five Minute Friday

* photo by miss_kim

P.S. 7:30 pm
I was so wowed that Lisa-Jo had shared my story this morning that I focused on the word GO instead of the word CHANGE!
Maybe it's time for another vacation ...


  1. Oh, so true! I frequently say "no" to God and stick my fingers in my ears. Yet, I'm so thankful for a patient Father who is willing to calmly speak again to his scared and stubborn child.

  2. We do have the tendency to pout and tantrum ... even if not seen on the outside! But our true colors do leach out sooner or later.

    Thanks for kicking off today's 5 Minute conversation, TL!

  3. So true, and how faithful is our God, who knows us well and knows the best ways for us to walk! Stopping in form 5 min. Friday. Blessings on your day!

  4. Denise and Katharine ... sure appreciate you stopping by this morning!


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