Thursday, April 19, 2012

Client Reading Carousel

Counseling is not just about showing up at an office, sitting in a comfy chair, and pouring out your heart once a week.  The investment of energy, time, and finances that define those sessions truly multiplies when the client chooses to utilize the other six days in taking additional steps toward healing. 

Journaling, reading, letter writing, devotional times, changes in lifestyle and diet, watching recommended DVDs, delving into this blog, and following up on referrals to support groups and medical professionals all work together to multiply the strength of those weekly conversations.  Taking full advantage of all the resources offered allows the woman who's committed to serious life change to move ahead toward her goals at a more rapid rate.

Here's a sample of what some of my clients are currently using on their journey toward healing ...

Click on the arrows to spin the carousel, click on each book to read more!
Enjoy ...

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