Friday, December 30, 2011

Take 15!

There's lots of fancy ideas and grand schemes out there when it comes to de-cluttering and reorganizing our spaces.

But I'm wondering when all is said and done if it could be as simple as TAKE 15!

1 room.  3 bags.  15 minutes.

1.  Set the timer for 15 minutes.

2.  Grab 3 bags - 1 for trash, 1 for donations, 1 for stuff to sell.

3.  Move clockwise around the room, opening every drawer and closet, going through every stack and pile.

4.  Toss 15 items into the TRASH bag.

5.  Release 15 items into the GIVE bag.

6.  Place 15 items into the SELL bag.

7.  Store bags in an out of the way place til tomorrow.  When filled, act on your decision.  Dispose.  Donate.  Sell.

Just think!  If we did this each day, at the end of the month:

We'd throw out 450 pieces of junk.

We'd give 450 decent, usable items to someone who could make good use out of them.

We'd sell 450 items on ebay, Craigs List, at a garage sale.

We'd have space and time and energy and freedom to spare.  Because we wouldn't be overwhelmed by our possessions.  We'd be free to love and serve and minister and enjoy the life God has blessed us with. 

And to keep ourselves from getting in that place again, it wouldn't be at all difficult to incorporate these 8 DAILY HABITS into our everyday routines.

More often than not, simpler is best!

- photo by lifeintheforest -

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  1. Awesome advice! People are always so surprised how much they can get done in 15 minutes!! Sometimes we over plan to the point of getting nothing done when really it can be as simple as grabbing a garbage planning necessary :)

  2. It's amazing how much we can really pack into a small time frame! If we were able to harness all the energy we spend being overwhelmed and paralyzed by our stuff, taking care of these simple tasks wouldn't be all that hard ... and then we could really begin to live our lives!

    Thanks for stopping by, Laura! I love your website!


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