Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Children's Carol

“So much of what inspires us to write hymns actually finds its origin in carols even more than traditional hymns,” says Keith Getty. “There is such enjoyment and excitement in celebrating the most improbable thing that is the incarnation of God on earth. In this season, bringing the Good News in the form of music is also an opportunity to offer a glimpse of what Christmas in Ireland is like for us.”

“There has been a deepening in our understanding of Christmas since our daughter Eliza Joy was born earlier this year,” Kristyn Getty states. “We have been so struck by the vulnerability and helplessness of a little baby in a way that has grown our wonder in the humble coming of Christ. And our own love for our child has brought a fresh understanding to all the relationships involved in the Gospel narrative: Mary's love for her Son, God's love for His Son, and God's love for the world.”

"Jesus, joy of the highest heaven,
Born as a little baby
Under a wondrous star.
Like us, crying he takes His first breath
Held by His mother, helpless
Close to her beating heart.
Jesus, laid in a lowly manger,
Facing a world of dangers,
Come to turn me a stranger
Into a child of God.

Jesus, King of the highest heaven
Learning to take His first steps,
That He might bring us life.
Like us, knowing our smiles and sorrows,
He showed the way to follow,
A way that is true and right.
Jesus, take away every darkness,
Steady my simple footsteps
That I might in your goodness
Live as a child of God."

Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty
Copyright © 2011

Simply, beautifully, powerfully honoring our precious Savior ~

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