Saturday, August 13, 2011

Repeat Performance - Substantial Encounters

... a few keen observations from noted counselor and spiritual director Larry Crabb led to this journaled response ... which morphed into a post on August 13, 2008 ...

"I think a lesson has been learned. Reading great books and listening to great thinkers can be overdone. Convictions can remain borrowed and never embraced. Silence and solitude give the Spirit opportunity to ..."

Reflectively ~

P.S.  Do check out Larry Crabb's website for top-notch spiritual formation videos, commentaries, opportunities, a reading list and more ...


  1. Thank you very much ... for all the encouraging stories and scriptures you have been putting on the Creekside Blog. A lot of them have helped me in a great way.

    {via USPS}

  2. I often pray that each day one person will be blessed by something they discover on the blog.

    It's one thing to keep an eye on the blog stats, but it's a whole other thing to actually hear from a reader.

    So whether you post a comment online, shoot me a quick email, send a lovely note through the post office, or share with me face-to-face, I am touched and encouraged that your life is being impacted in some way by what we share.

    To God be all praise!


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