Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Conversations 101

"Conversing well" has been on my heart in recent days.  Poor boundaries, limited or non-existent margins, and being too accessible too much of the time have left many good-intentioned people depleted and without focused energy for those one-on-one conversations that can be so life enriching. 

This week has been a stellar week for me - I was blessed by three deep, meaningful, soul-searching talks with dear friends.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot as we substantially shared from the depths of who we are.  I left each of these talks feeling like we listened well.  We validated each other.  Encouraging words were spoken.  Our souls were satisfied.  And God granted us the beautiful gift of iron sharpening iron {Proverbs 27:17}.

At the conclusion of one of these breaths of fresh air, one sister in Christ read the following words to me.  It was a huge affirmation to the longing I've had for myself and for others ...

"My first priority is face-to-face conversation. If I can be physically in front of someone, I give that person my full attention - ignoring competing distractions of phone calls or anything else that might hinder my focus.

But, if a face-to-face conversation is not possible, I defer to voice-to-voice - normally by way of the phone. But even with that, I have rules. When I'm having a phone conversation, I don't look at my computer screen or engage with anything in front of me, except the person I'm talking to at that very moment. I want to be fully present.

 But, finally, if neither one of those options exist, my last resort is screen-to-screen. Using e-mail or sending a text is my last preference - but even then I keep it short and sweet but force myself to be fully present in the written communication I send."
- Gabe Lyons in The Next Christians:The Good News About the End of Christian America

Thank you, my three dear friends, for the refreshing gift of your presence in my life.

- boat by Greta~adores~pink -

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