Monday, July 4, 2011

We Are So Out Of Control

Author and blogger Tim Challies muses, "In an age of constant amusement we are sad; in a world of constant communication, we are afraid and lonely. All the time we spend communicating through our devices must come at the expense of something. We are finding that, ironically, it comes at the expense of genuine, meaningful communication. As we communicate more, we communicate less."

Even as we gain more access to all things technological, we are losing something in the process.  As we morph into a continued state of always being "on," that heightened condition of arousal leads us to become distracted, frustrated, and almost disoriented as to what is literally occuring around us. 

The result?  Our in-person interactions slowly but surely become increasingly unfocused, briefer, and shallower in nature.  We are losing our ability to be present in the here and now, with the flesh and blood people right in front of us. 

And while we might believe that being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media keeps us connected, truth be told is that we only have so many minutes in a day and there's only so much energy to go around.

Every moment I spend in front of a screen is one less moment I have to be really present with my family.  Friends.  God.  It's one less moment I have to read.  Pursue new activities.  Engage in ones let go long ago.  Stop and smell the roses.  And take care of daily tasks that need to be tended to.

We have embraced much that technology offers, but we are finding it hollow.  Instead of us utilizing it well, it has grown to possess us.  Truth be told, many of us have morphed into addicts.


>  come out of denial and admit that your life has gotten out of kilter and that you are addicted to your screens.

>  set a timer and limit your time texting, emailing, interacting, blogging, tweeting, researching, and trolling around the net.

>  cut down on the number of social networks and digital services you're connected to.

>  turn off all gadgets and put them out of sight when you're with your loved ones.  Or when dining.  Worshipping.  Sleeping.  At meetings and appointments.

>  say "no" to the next upgrade that will come down the pike in the next month or so.

>  go on a Digital Diet.

And in the midst of all the incessant, demanding clamor we've allowed into our lives, the Lover of our soul still beckons in that still, small voice {1 Samuel 3}.  But more often than not, I fear that our incessant digital obsession crowds Him out.

I know what I need to say "yes" to and "no" to.  You too?


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