Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ministry Leaders Who Bully

In a follow-up comment to the recent Mean Girls and Bully Boys post, I wrote, "Sadly, those mean girls and bully boys grow up ... and become leaders in our homes and churches. Still wounded themselves, the little terrors grow up to be unsafe, manipulative, controlling, domineering, and disrespectful."

So I found it intriguing to come across an article last night in the Spring 2011 issue of Jill Briscoe's JUST BETWEEN US magazine, simply entitled, MINISTRY BULLYING. 

For some obscure reason, bullying by ministry leaders is not a subject that's been addressed too often.  Try googling it.

And yet if you've been in a church community for any length of time, you probably have observed this rather unsettling, all too prevalent phenomenon.  Sadly, all the "meanness, control issues, and insecurities" that we observe in mean girls and bully boys can be seen in the lives of some who've been entrusted with the high call of leadership. 

We tend to tiptoe around it.  Make excuses for it.  Turn our heads to the side and allow it to continue to do its destructive work.

Click here to read the re-printed article.  Discover what this damaging, divisive behavior looks like.  And then learn how to respond to it in a way that is healing and honors Christ.

You might find that naming what's really been going on is like turning on a lightbulb in a very dark room. 

As always, our first priority is to listen to the Spirit and take care of business in our own hearts.  Those planks in our own eyes are often huge {Matthew 7}.

But watch out!  As God does His powerful, convicting, healing work in your own heart, it will affect your relationships.  And He just might call you to the task of being a courageous, wounded healer.  A catalyst for humble, yet powerful change where you worship and serve.

The subject is finally on the table ~

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  1. Thanks for providing assistance in helping people "learn how respond to it in a way that is healing and honors Christ."

  2. In the end, it's always about bringing Him joy and pleasure!

    Thanks for checking in ...

    (and I went back and edited that sentence to include the word "to"!!)



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