Monday, April 11, 2011

Friendship 101

Truth be told, it's been hard for you to make friends.  And keep them. 

You might have been so badly wounded in the past that without even knowing it you've slowly but surely retreated into your safe, isolated cave. 

... Or your schedule's just so crazy busy that you're barely surviving from week to week.

... Or you've moved so much that you've given up hope of establishing any kind of camaraderie with another soul outside your immediate family.

... Or maybe you're an introvert, and even the thought of beginning to connect with someone new fills you with dread.

In her most recent newsletter, life coach Valorie Burton reports that "the number of people the average American calls a 'close friend' or 'confidant' has decreased by 50% since 1986."

Looks like there's lots of people in this boat! 

So if you're getting just a bit bored with your own company and you're ready to begin to turn this whole relationship thing around, she recommends the following steps:

1. Reach out to old friends.

2. Get involved in an activity you love.

3. Make the first move.

4. Host something fun.

5. Take a look around the office.

I'm thinking that there's someone not too far away who'd love the chance to get to know you just a bit better.

Go ahead.  Take that first step!

- photo by TahtiG -

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