Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Couples & Cash

Married couples - heads up!

  • Couples are now spending 80% of their waking hours making money, spending money, or thinking about money.

  • The average American has 9 credit cards and is $27,000 in debt.

  • After infidelity, financial concerns are the next leading cause of divorce.
If there ever was a time when money issues were causing strain on marriage, this would be it. One of the many negative "trickle down" effects of the current economic challenge/crisis is an increase in poor, inadequate, or disrespectful communication between couples. Our frustration at not being able to keep up with the bills and our fears for the future can cause us to lash out in anger, instead of calmly speaking the truth with love and respect.

With the holidays approaching and endless demands on the wallet that continue to drain us (in more ways than one) ... well, perhaps now's the time to have a healthy conversation about cash. Or the lack of it.

MAKE A PLAN - Set up a time to have a thorough, thought-filled, respectful discussion:

1. Identify each partner's patterns of spending & saving

2. Increase your financial teamwork as a couple

3. Nurture your relationship without overspending

Read on for some guidance on having a fruitful talk ...

Be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry
(James 1:19) ~


  1. Great ideas for couples, Linda! I will link to your post on my blog as well. This is such an important part of marriage. It can't be overlooked.

    Thanks for your work!

    Scott Couchenour

  2. It's great to partner with you, Scott - even though we've never met in person! These are the times when technology really pays off!



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