Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Pen to Paper - Substantial Encounters

"I think a lesson has been learned. Reading great books and listening to great thinkers can be overdone. Convictions can remain borrowed and never embraced. Silence and solitude give the Spirit opportunity to transform already believed truth into personal, passionate conviction ... God, all three Persons, is self-communicating. It is His nature to fill every space that has been emptied to receive Him."
- Larry Crabb

Oh God, give me desire and courage to pursue those quiet times with You. I admit they take effort - and so much grabs at my mind that needs to be attended to. So much grabs at my soul to woo it away from total devotion to You. Pursue me, oh Holy Spirit. Draw me into a more passionate desire for substantial encounters with You. And as you draw me to Yourself, do the work of cleansing, filling, teaching, comforting, and directing that is unique to who You are. Accomplish what only You are able to take care of in the life of Your child that adores You.

Expectantly Yours,

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