Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Pantry

In our first home, we had a small nook right off the kitchen, lined with simple shelves that my husband had made. I was an avid couponer back in the day, and was able to keep a very well stocked pantry for pennies by buying groceries on sale with double coupons and then sending in for manufacturers' rebates.

There were many weeks when there was little money in the checkbook, but we always had a well-organized larder (a pleasant, old-fashioned word for pantry!) filled to the brim with boxes, jars, bags, and cans. With a bit of creativity, we were still able to eat well - and always had enough so that we could offer hospitality to others, even during the lean times.

I don't have that little nook anymore and the days of available cash rebates have come and gone. There are only 2 mouths to feed. But, I still love a great bargain, and thoughtfully stocking up when things go on sale allows us to be "good stewards" of the resources that God has allowed us to have. Creating a pantry also keeps you from the wasteful use of time and money that come from frequent trips to the store ... and at $4+ a gallon ... well, need I say more?

Grateful for that little nook ~

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  1. Thanks for listing these websites for pantry organization. It's always been a puzzle for me to know how to group items together. I downloaded some of the charts and suggestions and will go to work on straightening up my pantry! Many thanks!


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