Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On Embracing the Hope of Spring

It doesn't matter that it was 7 below zero this morning and the icy snow is piled high and frozen solid like a stone.  I'm officially done with winter on this online space.

There will be no more snow-laden scenes painted here.

I'm embracing the hopeful promise of spring's glorious warmth with arms wide open!  Even if the calendar insists that its arrival is weeks away.


Thank you for all your sweet words and powerful prayers for our new grandson Tyler in the last few weeks.  Honestly, some of your lovely comments and emails brought tears to my eyes and made me so deeply thankful once again to be sharing life with you.  We're headed out soon to cuddle with the little guy and hang out with his forever family. {Be sure to read his story and watch his big sister's welcome home video here.} 

And then my man and I are off to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.  To say that Tim is God's richest blessing in my life is no exaggeration.  {Here's the hard won lessons I've learned about marriage along the way.} 


I'm hearing from readers here and there that you're realizing that you've got a bit of a love / hate relationship going on with this online world we inhabit.  If you've even got a whiff of desire to unplug yourself for a bit, please push aside your fears and listen to that voice that whispers deep, inviting your soul to some needed recalibration and refreshment. 

And if you need some encouragement to go there, please read my post Our Obsession is Growing.  It's packed with important observations about this ongoing struggle that we're just a bit reluctant to speak about. 

All that said, I'm begging off from just about all things digital /online in the next few weeks.  I'm leaving a sampling of springtime posts for you to savor if you drop by.  Click on the titles below to take you there.   And don't forget to check out From Hither & Yon : : Shareworthy Reads on the sidebar.

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The Imperfect Table ~ 2014
It's circa 1960s, this photo is, with loved ones gathered around the mahogany table, layered in white linen starched and pressed within an inch of its life.  All have donned their Sunday go-to-meeting attire and another homemade feast has been savored.  The main course {savory chicken and dumplings laced with fresh rosemary ... or perhaps a herbed roast leg of lamb with mint jelly} has been polished off.  Dessert is about to be served on the beautiful blue-rimmed china.  Fresh flowers create ...

A Clean Slate ~ 2013
It's just about springtime.  FINALLY!  {Even if it is snowing in the Hudson Valley today!}

And it's all about a clean slate and the choices you can make to take you there.  Kind of like a much needed pruning that clears away the dead wood, releasing new life and healthy growth and fragrant blooms ...

Choose the Ladder ~ 2012
I've always loved playing Chutes & Ladders!  As a little girl, blossoming young mama, or hanging-in-there grandma, my competitive edge has emerged more than once.  I've really gotten into zipping up those big tall ladders, flying right past my opponents, and getting nearer to my goal of stepping onto that final golden square marked '100.'  

But along the way, my heart has dropped like a stone.  More than once.  My attitude has taken a sudden, negative lurch for the worse ...

Figuring Out Your Responsibilities ~ 2011
I carry their feelings, don't listen, fix, protect, rescue, control, beg, plead, whine, bribe, tantrum, manipulate, prevent natural consequences from taking place

I am concerned with the solution, answers, circumstances, being right, details, performance

I feel exhausted, anxious ...

Jan Johnson hit the nail on the head when she penned, 'I wish God would tell me ...' is usually followed by a desire to know about something that will affect the next 20 (at least) years of our life.

My experience is that God doesn't do things that way, but shows us only our next step: make a telephone call, study up on something, look within at our motives.  If we knew more steps than that, we would probably be ...

Clutter 201 ~ 2009
Clutter.  Stuff.  Junk.  Things.  Mess.  Piles.  Trash.

Call it what you want, chances are if your home is filled with it, it probably reflects what's happening on the inside.  In your mind.  Your heart.  Too much going on inside paralyzes us.  It renders us ...

Grieving.  It's not just about mourning the dead.  We also encounter great loss when we experience divorce.  A catastrophic illness.  Job termination.  The end of a friendship.  The long distance move of someone we love.  Leaving a church family.  How do we do this well so that we can move on and not be held in grief's grip and allow a root of bitterness to set in?  How do we move ahead after being overwhelmed, paralyzed, consumed ...

See you later, my friend ~


  1. My dear Linda,

    How nice that it's spring around here... Why not, when we have the Spring of eternal life in our hearts?! Let's celebrate Him everyday. :-)

    I'm grateful for each of those 39 years...because I know they've shaped you into the wonderful person you are today, with so much love to give. Blessings to you both.


  2. Hi Linda! Its lovely to see those cherry blossoms, even though its cold and snowy here too. It is time for Spring. If not outside, then at least in our hearts.
    Have a wonderful time with your family. And thanks for the encouragement to unplug if we need to...I'm going to do just that in a few weeks. It's time to heal and get PT done.
    Kisses to you on your anniversary, from you husband , family and friends. What a wonderful example of dedicated union in this impermanent world! God has blessed you.
    I'll miss you :) See you in a few weeks,

  3. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your family time! We will be here when you get back. :)

  4. Hello friend! I love the spring time picture and it refreshes my soul just to gaze at it. How lovely that you will be spending some much needed time away, unplugged and with family. All beautiful blessings! Praying that your time is blessed by wonderful memories and love. See you when you get back!

    I will miss you! :(

  5. 39th wedding anniversary?!?! CONGRATS!!!!! And God Bless!! <3 -

  6. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! You are missed, my friend. I'm sure you are having some much needed time away. Continued prayers for your sweet grandson. Thanks so much for my bag! I was so excited to get it today :). You are appreciated, Linda!

  7. Happy, happy wedding anniversary!! Enjoy your time with hubs and family. I received my bag yesterday. Thank you so very much. You are a sweet blessing to me, friend. I just love you. xoxo

  8. I'd been wondering where you were, my friend. Congrats on all the wonderful news and happenings! Enjoy your family and your time away! You are missed, and appreciated :)

  9. Missing you but hope your being refreshed in all kinds of ways. Much love. xoxo

  10. Linda,

    Congrats on 39 years of marriage...Wow! and on Tyler's adoption...We miss you but I'm glad you're enjoying your time and hugs to you :-)

  11. Congrats on another milestone in your union. :)
    More wonderful years to come.


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