Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Their Name is Today' * A Giveaway

We love our kids.

Our goal as parents, family members, teachers, coaches, and counselors?

We're probably all in agreement that our kids need plenty of unstructured play time and creative space to savor childhood's wonder and joys.  This pure and simple gift paves the way for them to grow into healthy, confident adults ... productive, thoughtful men and women of integrity, character, and godliness who impact the generations to come.

To help get them to that place requires a careful, wise appraisal of the myriad of influences on their lives.
The culture's incessant presence and pull. The push to grow up way too fast.  The obsession with technology and the ever present screens. Standardized testing in this age of academic pressure.  Overexposure to marketing.  Overstimulation.  And overdiagnosis. 

Johann Christopher Arnold's volumes on education, parenting, and relationships have impacted more than a million readers.  His brand new book THEIR NAME IS TODAY - RECLAIMING CHILDHOOD IN A HOSTILE WORLD is must reading for all who interact with the next generation.

I have a copy for one reader.  Please weigh in on this urgent pivotal issue by leaving a comment on this post by Thursday, November 6th at 6pm {eastern} and you'll be in the running for this giveaway.  {US & Canada only.}
Because many things can wait.  But our children cannot ...
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  1. I am thinking a Lulu of 6--needs to read this book. AND our MOST important resource is our children!

    1. Hey Lulu ... our children have far different challenges in raising their kids than we ever did. The internet was unheard of and technology was in the infant stages. The demands on today's parents are huge compared to what we had to deal with.

      I hope this book will be a helpful little tool for them ... and open the eyes of us in the grandparenting years, propellling us to our knees.

      Thanks, Granny, for joining me in these concerns!

  2. Hi Linda! I can't help but think that you could have written this book yourself. As a counselor, you must run into this issue all the time.
    My son was very 'into' computers and video games. It was so hard to tear him away and get him to interact with the family. But we did stick to that priority, even when it got unpleasant. Our children are not our own, they are God's and we hope to bring them up in that reality. We are all in the same family of love in Christ, and we just can't keep ignoring each other for 'gadgets'. We are all too precious and important for that.

    Let's slow down and see what's really important.
    This sounds like a great book!

    1. Yep, shaping our children into godly individuals of character and integrity can be a bit unpleasant. It's not an easy road, and sticking to our guns is not for the faint of heart. No one, young or old, breaks into applause when boundaries are put into place.

      Gotta believe, when all is said and done, that it was worth the battle in striving to get to the goal.

      Thanks for weighing in, Ceil ...

  3. I saw first hand this summer what video games do to kids. I foolishly allowed my 6 year old to play a very benign kids game on my teen's PS3. Within a week my laid back happy child was antsy upset and uncooperative. I immediately took it away cold turkey and within a few days my child was back! I now let him play an hour only once or twice a week and his little brain can handle that. Other then the PS3 we have no other gadgets in our house or car. When we go on road trip we play old fashioned car games, sing or just talk. My kids don't miss out on having gadgets at all!! You just can't beat family time!

    1. Yeah, cold turkey can sometimes be the way to go, Val Teaching kids to learn to set their own limits is so hard, especially when we as adults are modeling excessive use of screens.

      Let's hear it for old fashioned car games, singing, or {gasp!} conversation!

      And always, always, BOOKS!

  4. My girls always want a screen in front of their face, but I yearn for them to experience more of the freedom I had. adventure, imagination, friends, fresh air. It is all part of being a kid!
    It feels like a constant battle as a parent.

    1. No wonder you want a bigger yard, Sarah ... and yes, yes, to the adventure, imagination, friends, and fresh air that open space invites.

      I hear you, friend ...

  5. reminds me of a book I read years ago when I was raising my kids - The Hurried Child but we didn't have the same things to deal with as our kids, kids.

    1. May I be less free with advice and more compelled to be praying for my kids as they raise theirs to love Jesus! It's a different kind of Hurried Child these days, isn't it Carol ... and it's not at all a good thing.

      I hope you are feeling stronger each day as you recover! It sure is good to see you again ...

  6. It's incredibly overwhelming the sheer number of influences that try to shape our kids these days. Passivity is simply not an option.

    1. Steph ... you've said it all - 'passivity is simply not an option.' 6 strong words to take to heart. I'm glad you're here today. Truly!

  7. What a great topic Linda. As a new mom these are issues I frequently ponder about. In particular the abundance of technology and marketing. I recently made the decision to get rid of cable and am trying to reduce the amount of time my husband and I spend in front of the computer. I want to be a parent that is present, and thoughtful about the influences I allow around my daughter.

    1. What a wonderful opportunity with your little one, friend! And congratulations on being a new mom! So many of us glean wisdom later in life and have to play catch-up. Blessings as you navigate this most precious opportunity!

      May your weekend have lovely pockets of deep rest ...


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