Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hat Rack

I'm hanging up my hat around here. 

Just for a bit.  'Cause I'm grabbing the big ol' bag of sand-encrusted beach toys and am planning on enjoying a bit of zany fun with my nearest and dearest little ones.  And I'm craving sweet pockets of reflective time with the bigger people in my family.  We so need those focused moments right about now and there's a distinct longing to be in each other's company, for my mom is not well. 
All I want to do is be quietly near her.  Do what I can for her.  Give her lots of gentle hugs.  And soak in her loving, wise companionship and positive, faith-filled outlook.  

It's just one of those occasions when blogging away would truly be a cryin' shame.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself a bit lonesome 'round these parts, I invite you to take a look at these top 5 posts from last summer.  Maybe linger awhile, head over to the right side column, and check out some of Your Favorites This Week.  Or scroll down and explore Your Interests.  I'd like to think that maybe somewhere in those 1255 posts, there just might be a bit of needed encouragement or entertainment or some kind of blessing that would hit home for you.


1.  The Follow Up Post - ALL-TIME BIGGEST POST
'She challenged her readers to give up their household accessories for 30 days, The Nester did.  I got the impression that not all her fans stood up and applauded.  But jumpstart me she did, to a quick farewell to 105 of my kitchen soffit friends, all those ancient trinkets and treasures collected over decades ...'  

2.  Vintage Organizing Tools
'All our favorite clutter-busting organizing blogs are filled with every size, color, and shape of boxes, bins, and containers crafted from all manner of plastic, wire, cloth, and fiber.  And that's all good.  But my absolute favorite organizing tools are those finely crafted pieces that long ago made their debut as ...'

3.  A Very Tiny Smile
'I read somewhere recently about the power of just a bit of a smile.  Not one of those big ol' goofy, toothy grins.  Nor one of those phony masks we so quickly don to protect ourselves from what others might see if they looked too closely ...'

4.  A Meat & Potatoes Girl
'Most of my friends are really good chefs.  Gourmets really.  I love when they invite me for dinner ... or choose an exotic local eatery for us to venture off to.  They know their way around a kitchen, their spice racks are filled with rare pungent essences from parts unknown, and you can be sure that if they're bringing something for the table, it ain't gonna be ...'

5.  Basic Health Essentials
'Ignore your health and it will go away.  OR  . You could consider pursuing a few of these seven essentials ...'

I'll be back before long.  And if you could pray for my family as we wend our way through this unsettled season, I would so appreciate it.

Peace ~


  1. Hi Linda - enjoy your vacation and time with family. Yes, cherish the time with your mom. I lost my mom in December, and would give a lot for a bit more time with her.

  2. We'll miss you around here. God speed.

  3. I will say a prayer for your mom, Linda. I'm glad you are off to spend time with her. You will be missed but I plan to take time to explore more here. 1,255 posts. I have much to catch up on. Blessings to you, sweet friend. xoxo

  4. Cherish your family time and we will see you soon. I will try not to miss you too much!

  5. Hi Linda! Ah, enjoy that beach and your quiet time with Mom. I know your presence will bring her peace.
    I'll miss you like crazy! (You have written a TON of posts girl!!) See you when you get back, all tan and relaxed :)

  6. My dear, sweet Linda! I hope that you feel my prayers lifting your mom, you and your family up at this time. Don't rush back. Your mama is just too important! Hugs to you!

  7. Praying for your family, and your mom. Enjoy your time off, we all need a break now and then. Have a good summer, see you when you get back.


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