Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Pour yourself an icy glass of something sweet and settle back . . .

A Blessing for the Finishers - {this  .  is  .  gorgeous}
'In this season of finishing up, of moving on, of celebrations and endings, a blessing for those whose service and work is coming to an end ...'

The thrift store can be your (nearly free) storage unit - {maybe?  maybe not}
T'he other day, my friend said something unassuming and uneventful, but it stuck with me for weeks and has changed the way I think about some stuff.  She and her family live in an incredibly small-but-functional space, so ..."

5 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Cool with a Coworker - {how's your 9 - 5 world?}
'Are you feeling the crunch of conflict at work?  For sinful people living in a fallen world, some conflict is simply an inevitable reality.  But despite the many dramatic movies that suggest otherwise, most workplace conflict is pretty mundane.  Simple miscommunications, competing interests, personal entanglements, and other small matters lead to hurt feelings, tension, and discord.  Whether you work for a corporation or a church ...'

My 6 ridiculously easy, free life changing habits - {easy peasy.  really}
'In December, I started to feel incredibly yukky.  Just tired, lazy, desiring to sleep the day away as soon as I got up.  Well, I decided that just wouldn’t do.  So I established some goals, then got to work.  I quickly realized, it only took 6 ridiculously easy and even FREE habits that dramatically changed my days in a short 2 weeks time ...'

Horrifying chart reveals how much time we spend staring at screens each day - {444 [gasp] minutes}
'It’s rare that a single chart can can be so simple and yet so horrifying. Such is the case  ...'


  1. Hi Linda! Well, it's too early for a glass on pinot noir, so I'll settle for coffee! Thank you for your lovely recommendations. I'll be checking some out for sure. Bless your encouraging heart :)

    1. With the rain pouring down around here, a mug of something hot is lookin' mighty good right about now! Wish we could put our feet up together to enjoy!


  2. Okay, so I just spent more time staring at a screen, reading these great links. ha. Love thinking about the thrift store as my attic space (and my husband would REALLY love that!). Now it's time for me to close the laptop for awhile! :) Thanks for collecting and sharing these.

    1. There's a good satisfaction in work well done online. And an even better satisfaction in unplugging ...


      How'd you like that 444 minutes?? !!


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