Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Underground Debris

My spiritual mentor and good buddy Carol sent this wonderful picture yesterday.  It's pretty obvious that her fun little red wagon was just groaning under the weight of all the heavy junk that needed to be unearthed so she could go ahead and plant '2 little measly flowers in the dirt and lay out some edging.'

And all I could think of {besides her aching back and that fun little red wagon} was what a superb picture this is of the state of our hearts when we're not in an ongoing, obedient relationship with the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, Convict-er, and Guide.

The heavy junk gets stuffed inside, soul deep, layer after miserable layer.

Our sins and our shame and the swamp of useless guilt traps us.  Our self-deception, the pride, the pettiness stack up.  The anger and self-absorption and those we refuse to forgive weigh us down like a bag of rocks.  Name your poison.  Untended to, unreleased, it adds to the wretched mix.

We can knock ourselves senseless trying to look like we're at peace, but it's not long til no one's fooled.  We put on our happy masks and pretend all is well, but our futile attempts are phony and unauthentic.  Meanwhile, the heavy burden in our souls is sapping away every ounce of our waning energy. 

Our refusal to deal with all the junk under the surface prevents us from joyfully blossoming wide, living life to the fullest, and truly honoring Christ.

As Carol and I emailed back and forth, she reminded me that sometimes back-breaking work is needed to get that junk out.  And when my friend speaks of the deeper things, I'm always leaning forward to listen to the wisdom God gives her to share.

And this I pass on to you today, friend ~

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  1. Hi,

    So cool that you made that analogy. I could add a heaping wheelbarrow full of weeds. (Yes, I am still battling those unsightly dandelions that others call cute yellow flowers.) But the same is true, "our gardens" need to be rock free and weeded out to be productive.

    I get a lot of insights while gardening. It provides good therapy as well as insightful theology. (Not so great for arthritis!) Love the beauty of the spring and the opportunities that help us learn and grow.

    May the fruits of all our labor bring beauty and glory to God!

    1. Ah ... the weeds. We could write another whole post on what those pesky annoying oddities are like on our lawn ... and in our heart spaces! You're so right, gardening brings forth a heap of analogies and is super therapy.

      You've brought bushels of insight with you tonight ... and for that I say thanks!

  2. And sometimes, Linda, I have to rework the beds----day after day---to keep the plants healthy!

    1. The garden, our faith ... both always a work in progress with a joyfilled harvest awaiting at the end of the season ...

      I'm hearing you, Lulu!

  3. You must have read my mind (again), Linda! I recently started working on the process of letting go of self-judgement as well as judgement of others. I've been pretty hard on myself throughout my life and I realized I'm hard on my loved ones too, which is not good. When we carry so much burden, you simply can't fully blossom into who we truly are. Thanks for sharing! ox

    1. For sure, we can be our own harshest taskmasters. And if that's how we're 'loving' ourselves, it's not too surprising that we end up 'loving' others in that same demanding way.

      Grace and peace to you, dear Yuko ... thanks for being in this place with us.

  4. Thank you for making me want to lean in and listen to what God is telling me. May we all allow God to get rid of junk and make us shiny again!

    1. Leaning in, leaning on Jesus. Yes, yes, Sarah. I'm grateful you're here.

  5. Hi Linda! Now you know I love me a good metaphor, and this is a great one. How to get past all that stuff to get to the healthy soil? Best idea is not to let it pile up in the first place, but I've never mastered that. Hard work is the way, and the payoff is so large! What beautiful flowers we can plant if we can access our rich interior.
    I love that 'leaning forward' that you do. It also helps you not to miss a word of your precious friends wisdom.
    You are a blessed woman!

    1. Leaning forward, leaning into ... I'm all that, Ceil. Especially into the mysteries of Christ, into His wise children's wisdom, into my client's lives ... that's where the 'rich interior' you speak of is found.

      Love hearing from you today, dear one. And now I'm headed out to catch some rays!


  6. Linda, So much truth here. We all want to look "well" on the outside, but we all need to do the back-breaking work to make sure we truly are healed on the inside. We need the Holy Spirit in our life to make this possible.

    1. Praise God! He never leaves, doesn't get bored with us or wander off, and is always available to unstack those rocks and shovel aside the debris.

      What a wonderful Savior!


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