Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leave . . . or Stay?

It was o'dark thirty, a frigid late evening and the wind chimes were going crazy outside the window.  But I was nesting warm, curled up tightly on the sofa, safely ensconced in cozy fleece from neck to toe, a throw covering me in my entirety, head peeking out.  This non-athlete couch potato was enjoying an evening at the Olympics. 

And as I lay there in a semi-comatose state, two major lessons on spiritual discernment emerged one after the other that had little to do with athletics or the competitive spirit.

Spiritual discernment.  So ... what's that mean, anyway?

Too often we are not at all attuned to the guiding light of Scripture, gentle promptings of the Spirit, or voices of wise ones who offer godly counsel.  And that can only impact how we do life.  Greatly.

The results?  We either hang on way too long to relationships, jobs, churches, or situations that are toxic or destructive.  Or we give up way too quick when a life challenge comes along, walking away when we should have rolled our sleeves up for the long haul.

Lesson # One 
There is a dignity, a grace, of knowing when enough's enough.  To listen to what your body speaks to you, to hear what your soul whispers deep, and to fully comprehend when body or soul are being abused or misused.  To fully grasp that to continue on down that treacherous pathway would be terribly unwise.  This is all about leaving well and exiting with class, integrity intact and head held high.
 - Yevgeny Pleshenko  -
Lesson # Two 
There's a knowing when it's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on going.  No matter what the naysayers say, to follow through with excellence and confidence.  It's not about getting a trophy or waiting for rounds of applause.  It's about knowing that you can and will stay put and walk through the trials and do it with your absolute best efforts.   
- Jeremy Abbott -
Dear Gracious Redeemer ~
Help us to know when it's time to move on. 
And show us when staying is the best option.

Speak loud and clear through Your precious Word, Your powerful Spirit, Your wisest people.
Give us discernment to know what path would most honor You.
And help us to live out that choice in a grace-filled manner that would give You great satisfaction.

We long to hear You say, 'well done, good and faithful servant.'
May this be our testimony, our legacy, our joy, our peace. 
In Jesus Name

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  1. He clearly told me when to move on---"Enough". I know in my heart of hearts--I did everything possible to stay and today have no "What If''s" to haunt me. If we only ask Him---HE WILL show us!

    1. As I tell my clients, there is peace in knowing that you've left no stone unturned. Romans 12:18 says it best - 'If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.'

      Blessings as you continue to move ahead, Lulu ...

  2. Knowin when to do what is a rare privilege all children of God can enjoy. He is always willing to let us know what to do and where to go and whom to be with and whom to leave- Isaiah 47:18 is one of my favourite scriptures in this regard. Thanks for sharing Linda, do have a super blessed day!

    1. He's waiting for us to ask for His help! James 1 tells us that He'll give wisdom to us generously without making us feel foolish or stupid. That the Creator of the world is so intimately connected to us is simply awesome!

      Thanks for being here, Ugochi. Truly ...

  3. when information becomes revelation - that's when we let go! I pray that constantly for my children. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Revelation. When the Holy Spirit reveals Himself, wisdom, raw truth, grace. Yes!

      Thanks for visiting a bit today, Susan. Welcome!


  4. My year has been strained and I too struggled with the thought, Leave or Stay. I loved your prayer - thank you for sharing it!

    1. Dear Carrie ... thank you for sharing where you are. I pray that you will find God to be an incredibly grace-filled comforter and giver of wisdom as you navigate through this season of uncertainty.

      Warmest blessings. I am grateful you found us today.

  5. It's funny. People look at me, and say, "You're in so much pain...just let go. It's OK."

    I'm glad they do, because it gives me the strength to fight this place with everything in me. This may be my Alamo, and maybe a smart person would let it go.

    Glad I'm me, and not smart.

    1. Sometimes not another soul knows where we truly are. Except the One who created us in the first place. I trust that you can feel Him fighting for you, even today ...

  6. The gift of discernment is one I pray for continually, Linda! Wise words. Thank you for sharing - stay warm!

    1. And this gift only comes as we bask in the presence of Christ, over and over again ... no quick fix here!

      I'm glad you're here today, June ...

    2. What a good message, Linda. I know too often I still don't spend enough time seeking His wisdom before making a decision...or I let something fester inside of me before looking to Him for guidance on whether or not it's something I should let go of. And just recently I hung on to something for far too long and did not exit with grace. Thanks for this message.
      Btw...I have to admit I have not watched one second of the Olympics. Wish I would have caught some of the skating.
      Have a blessed weekend. Thanks for your continual encouragement, friend.

    3. To 'exit with grace' ... now THAT is hard, especially if it's an exit that we never saw coming. Only by HIS grace can we do that well!

      Thanks for spending a bit of Friday evening with us, Beth. It was so good to see your name and smiling face pop in! I surely appreciate the connection that we are developing ...

  7. Linda, I loved that you weaved your great message on Leave or Stay into the Olympics Skating. I've always been a big fan of Pleshenko. I missed his opening skate when he won gold and couldn't wait to see his last career performance. I saw him fall and could see his pain. You know what this meant for his country, but the class he showed as he walked out and withdrew. He had his time and he knew it. And then our Jeremy falling and then getting up and finishing and wowing the crowd. We all fall, we all have trials in life, but God wants us to get up, dust ourselves off and keep on going and learn from them...and be better because of them. Your prayer is beautiful! I'm a big fan of yours.

    1. Ain't that the truth. We all fall. And then we pick ourselves up and keep moving ahead in wisdom, grace, making the hard choices along the way, exercising faith even as small as a grain of sand. And He never leaves. Never.

      It's good to see you again, Kim. I so appreciate that you've come by today. And those last 6 words you wrote? Any glory goes right back up to Him ...



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