Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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A Tribute to My Parents - {my sister hikes the hills 1/2 way around the world}
'It is not every day that you find parents who will travel overseas to visit their children.  Much less that you’ll find parents who not only traveled but also endured an excess of 6-7 days of travel delays both to and from the destination, baggage loss for 99% of the trip, as well as random tourist visa fees when they are forced to stay overnight in Turkey ...'

My Small Group, Anonymous - {BTW, Celebrate Recovery was the healthiest community I've ever been in}
'A year ago I joined a small group of men and women that meets in the early morning every day.  The group is affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous.  I started attending not because I have a problem with alcohol.  I don't.  But I do have friends who are recovering alcoholics and who often speak of their AA experiences in the most intriguing ways.  So I decided to see for myself what they were talking about ...'

How I Beat Back the Darkness after Rape - {38% of rapists are friends or acquaintances}
'I keep thinking I'll find some way to describe it.  I hunt through a mental repository of images, analogies, and metaphors, searching for a suitable vehicle for faithfully telling it.  I arrive at nothing.  For how does one say, plainly, all that it is to be raped?  Only Ezekiel 16:5–6, the graphic description of an exposed infant, approaches anywhere near it ...'

5 Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media - {why are we sharing what we're sharing?}
'I was a freshman in college when Facebook came out and I distinctly remember thinking, “why would I need this?  I have AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace!”  Well, times have changed.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (and a slew of other sites I’m not cool enough to know about) have simultaneously brought us closer together and driven us further apart ...' 

5 Really Bad Reasons for Leaving Your Church - {leaving a faith community is like getting divorced}
'Let’s be honest, while there are some good reasons for leaving a church, there are a lot more bad ones.  As a pastor, I hear some of them every now and then as people walk out the door.  As a church planter, I hear them constantly as people walk in the door.  If you’re thinking about looking for a new church home, please don’t use one of these five reasons to make the jump ...'



  1. Hey Linda! I read that last one earlier this week and found it very interesting but the other's are, I'm sure, new treasures that I'm glad you've mined for us! Thanks for supporting so many bloggers in very real ways. Your help to me has blessed me so!

    1. And I look forward to partnering with you again this weekend, my friend! Rest well and deep, let His mercies wash over you. They are new every morning. Thankfully. And He loves you so ...



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